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Bathroom remodeling trends for your newly renovated space

May 31, 2023

Bathroom remodeling trends for your newly renovated space

Tackling a bathroom remodeling project in the upcoming weekend? This tricky room tends to be a big mix of do-it-yourself and contractor work. But before you begin tearing up tile and replacing vanities, consider a plan of attack. Which features are most important to your revamped bathroom? What recent trends are you into?

Consider some of these alterations for your bathroom. Some are all about aesthetics, others are concentrated on durability or easy cleaning – but all the tips are worth trying out in your bathroom.

Acrylic tub
Bathroom contractors tend to agree that acrylic tubs may not be the most vintage option for your space, but they’re certainly dynamic, good-looking, easy to clean and sure to last a long, long time. The first benefit of your new acrylic bathtub that you’ll notice is its color. Acrylic tubs aren’t painted, but rather they’re colored while in their raw state, before molding. This means that acrylic tubs not only have evenly spread color, even with the brightest or softest hues, but they won’t fall victim to fading over time.

And since acrylic tubs are among the most durable on the market, you can expect yours to last for ages. Chipping, dents and other common issues with porcelain or metal won’t be trouble here. Best of all, acrylic bathtubs clean very easily and won’t stain the way plenty of other tubs tend to.

Crafty flooring tile
According to DIY Network, subway tiles are one of the biggest trends in bathrooms this year

. Don’t expect to find the real thing jettisoned from a NYC stop, but inspired tiles can be picked up from a variety of spots. The classic milk-white tile color goes well with a variety of schemes, and if you keep up the vintage-inspired look you’ll have an excellent bathroom design going.

More light
Subway tiles are great – subway lighting definitely isn’t. Bathrooms tend to be lit by single overhead lights with the occasional secondary lamp above the sink. Buck this trend in your new bathroom by installing plenty of bright light sources or bringing in a few extra windows to make the most of full spectrum sunlight!

A muted color scheme
With more light in your space, you can adopt another design trend from 2013: grey. Housing Zone reported that shades of grey are on the rise among homeowners, especially in bathrooms. Beige and bone white are also popular. And with enough natural light flowing in, you won’t need to worry about using bold colors to brighten things up.

More vanity space
This one’s eternally in vogue, but MSN Real Estate emphasizes the popularity of dual vanities. Whether you just want more counter room, need an extra sink or are going for the his and hers vibe, adding an extra vanity is a great bathroom remodeling choice. The news source also adds that you should feel free to get experimental. For instance, there’s no need to go with matching vanities so long as the two styles work well together.

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