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Bringing color into your bathroom

May 31, 2023

Bringing color into your bathroom

Decorating a house can be overwhelming and it can be easy to forget or ignore the bathroom. Though you probably spend most of your time in the living room or bedroom, the bathroom is a space that you visit every day numerous times. It is also the one space that your guests will definitely see. So why not consider a bathroom remodeling project and introduce or change up the color scheme?

Decide on the atmosphere
You most likely want your bathroom to be a room of relaxation, a place far removed from the activity of your office or the television in your living room. You can opt for darker hues, such as burgundy or navy to create not just a cozy feel but a style that will allow your bathroom fixtures to really stand out. A deep purple will make your acrylic bathtub or shower pop. When going with a dark color, remember that chrome fixtures will draw the eye right away, whereas a matte finish will blend in with the surroundings. Figure out what you want the focal points in your bathroom to be.

Lighter colors such as a sky blue or a soft green will create a more airy feel. Keep in mind that lighter colors will make your fixtures blend into the background more, so consider darker colored fixtures to create a stark contrast that is sure to impress visitors. You can also take this opportunity to give your mirrors and windows some character by putting frames around them. Alternatively, you can opt to go with the airy feel all the way and use light-colored fixtures.

If you’re unsure of what theme to go with, take a look at these inspiring photos

from fans of HGTV.

Consider designs
Your bathroom walls don’t have to be one solid color. You can mix things up with a pattern, mosaic tiles or even a mural. However, it’s important to remember not to pick anything too intricate. You don’t want anyone to spend hours poring over the minute details of your bathroom walls. Should you choose a pattern, stick to big uniform designs so your walls aren’t too distracting. Mosaic tiling tends to be an easier choice, since repetition is unavoidable. Decide what shape best suits your decor. If you opt to have a mural painted, go for broad sweeping gestures that will draw attention but not keep it for too long.

All too often, bathrooms are overlooked and left bare. But with the right vision and some elbow grease, your bathroom can be as well-designed as the other rooms.

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