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Complement your home’s style with metal roofing

May 31, 2023

Complement your home’s style with metal roofing

Form and function can be had by homeowners who are thinking of remodeling their homes with metal roofing. There are plenty of options available for metal roof design that will be sure to complement houses of any architecture and exterior paint. The difficulty isn’t finding the right combination, it’s choosing which one you like best.

Modernize your home
The idea of metal roofing usually coincides with sleek modern architecture. Though this is true, it is not the only option. However, if you’re considering this style, It’s a bold look that will be sure to grab the attention of neighbors and passersby. This kind of metal roofing will feature sharp lines that will draw the eye from the top of the roof to the bottom, and eventually to your siding. For homes with horizontal siding, this can be a great option, since the stark contrast of lines will balance out perfectly. For homes that don’t, this type of roofing will help highlight the exterior walls.

Go for traditional shingles
If you’re a fan of the traditional look offered by shingle roofing, you can still enjoy all the benefits of metal roofing without sacrificing aesthetics. Depending on the color, even the most observant neighbors won’t be able to tell that your roof shingles are metal. Going with matte paint will enable your home to look as if the roof is mere tile. Choosing glossier paint will allow you to show off your new roofing material. Shingles have very defined lines, so you can either commit to the lined look or put up some organic shapes on your front door or porch to offset the rigidity.

Consider a tiled look
Tile options for metal roofing has a great flow that will certainly draw attention. It also provides a fixed pattern that won’t take away from the style of the rest of your house. If you’re a fan of slightly more organic looks and have a home with rounded windows, the curves of metal tile roofing may be just what your home needs to complete its look. Alternatively, if your home has only rectangular windows, tile metal roofing can provide the softer lines to balance out the look.

Look at the colors
Metal roofing comes in many colors. You can go with colors that blend in with your home, or others that feature your new roof. Reach out to a metal roofing contractor today to discuss your options and choose the look that best fits your home.

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