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Complement your log cabin with a metal roof

May 31, 2023

Complement your log cabin with a metal roof

Log cabins provide a comfortable, beautiful home for families who enjoy the unique look that these structures offer. These wonderful homes can benefit from metal roofing, which has much to offer in form and function.

Appreciate the benefits
Metal Roof Network stated that metal roofs hold up very well against natural elements. The construction and layout of the panels leave very little area where strong winds may be able to pick up the pieces and tear them off. If you live in an area with high wind speeds, rest assured. An extreme weather guide from the Division of Emergency Management for Tallahassee, Fl. pointed out that metal roofing can be installed over existing roofs. This provides additional protection in the event that a metal panel is compromised.

Additionally, your log cabin may be located near the woods, which runs the risk of forest fires in some parts of the county. Metal roofs are much more fire-resistant than other roofing types, which will help ensure that your home suffers less damage in the event of a fire. It can also decrease the chances of a roof collapse, which is dangerous for human lives and property.

Don’t give up style
A log cabin home boasts a distinctive look that can certainly be complemented by a metal roof. In fact, the sleek look of metal roofing is a great contrast against the wood grain exterior. It’s a perfect balance between natural materials and a manmade structure. Standing seam roofs have strong vertical lines that can offset the horizontal lines of the logs.

Metal roofs are available in a variety of colors that will be sure to add to the log cabin’s style. A dark red or rusted color can give the home a more traditional look. A forest green will provide a subtle blend between the cabin and its forest environment. A more industrial color such as a gray or blue can help pull your classic home into modern times.

Additionally, metal roofing has plenty of textures to choose from. Standing seam is a popular choice, but you can also consider shingled or tiled looks that will create more a more textured appearance.

Your log cabin home is a structure to be proud of. Investing in a metal roof will ensure that your home is as safe as it is beautiful. Reach out to a metal roofing contractor today to discuss which options best fit your lifestyle.

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