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Consider metal shingles as an alternative to standing seam roofing

May 31, 2023

Consider metal shingles as an alternative to standing seam roofing

Standing seam metal roofing looks great and may be the most durable and energy efficient roof option out there – but the style isn’t for every homeowner or every home. Although most architecture can integrate standing seam without a hitch, every so often homeowners just can’t rationalize the purchase – it doesn’t fit the siding, it modernizes a historic home or it just doesn’t blend with the neighborhood. Luckily for these folks, metal shingles are more than up for the task.

Just because you don’t choose standing seam doesn’t mean your home can’t reap many of the benefits of metal roofing. As Construction Magnet Network notes, metal shingles are manufactured to give homeowners a familiar look in a more durable, recyclable and energy-efficient form

. Most metal roofing companies can duplicate a number of other shingle styles with metal products. If your home calls for asphalt, clay or concrete, it’s no problem. Even wood shake roofs can be mimed with startling accuracy.

Curious what other perks shingles offer? Consider these advantages from Metal Roof NJ.

Stone-coated metal shingles
These are a classic option, especially for neighborhoods with a historic homes vibe. If you’re living in a Victorian or early 20th-century home, standing seam can still look stylish, but stone-coated metal shingles are the ideal period-appropriate option. They use a strong zinc aluminum covering, and a triple coat finish secures each of the tiny stone granules in place. These won’t come off even in the worst of hurricane winds – in fact, there’s a warranty against anything up to 120 mile per hour winds winds! Since your shingles are non-porous, they’ll resist mold and mildew better than any other roofing material. You also won’t have to worry about ice dams in the winter, since the concealed screw system keeps shingles in place better than nailed-down asphalt alternatives.

And stone-coated shingles even have an advantage or two over standing seam, it turns out. Installation requires less labor, believe it or not, so your metal roofers will be up and down without much hassle.

But stone-coated isn’t the only option. If your home or neighborhood style demands something else, you might want to consider this best seller.

Kynar-coated metal shingles
Anyone in the construction business immediately recognizes the name Kynar. The 500 series resin-based coating has long provided metal buildings years of bright color. The Kynar 500 paint finish used on these shingles doesn’t only give your roof an embossed texture that adds dimension and character, it also reflect infrared ultraviolet rays, which in turn keeps your roof and home from overheating in the sun. That means lower cooling costs – a huge benefit, especially for those in a warm climate. The paint finish will ensure that whichever of the 10 standard colors you choose – Mission Red, Forest Green, Sierra Tan, Slate Grey, Coppertone – they’ll stand out bright for years and years. Just add to that all the other major advantages of metal roofing, from sustainability to energy efficiency, and you’ve got a done deal.

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