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Consider standing seam metal roofing for all seasons

May 31, 2023

Consider standing seam metal roofing for all seasons

Metal roofing is a great option for homeowners looking to do some remodeling.Many residents felt the fury of snow storm Cleon, which left many states covered in snow, sleet and rain. Those who have homes that frequently sustain strong winds and heavy snowfall may want to consider the benefits of standing seam metal roofing.

Heighten safety precautions
One of the great benefits of a metal roof is the amount of safety the material offers. Metal is fire-resistant and can provide an extra layer of protection against the elements if installed over an existing roof. Additionally, it’s not as prone to chipping or denting as shingle roofing.

The Metal Roofing Alliance noted that standing seam panels are used extensively in southeastern parts of the United States, where homes are constantly tested against hurricane winds. This type of metal roofing uses long panels, which extend from the eave to the ridge of roof. These are secured using gasketed screws that go through the panel and into the decking. Additionally, there are certain models that cover the fasteners, creating a smooth look.

Though metal roofing provides great protection, another advantage is its light weight

, according to the Metal Roof Network. This can be especially welcome in regions where snow is plentiful. These homeowners know the dangers of having a large snowfall sitting on their rooftops. Having a sturdy and lightweight roof will allow the house to hold up to more weight. However, the advantages of metal roofing in relation to snow don’t end there. The slippery surface helps ensure that snow slides off, which doesn’t just make your house safer, it also saves you the work of having to clear off the roof yourself. However, keep in mind that large quantities of snow falling from your roof could be dangerous to passersby and property. Look into snow guards that will help break down the amounts that fall off.

Investing in a light-colored metal roof will have additional benefits in the summer. The reflective quality will help keep your home cool. Your new standing seam metal roofing will be sure to garner attention from neighbors and passersby. Look at the overall color scheme of the neighborhood when considering a color and consult with family members as well as a reliable metal roofing company.

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