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Consider the benefits of a metal roof in hurricane conditions

May 31, 2023

Consider the benefits of a metal roof in hurricane conditions

Last year, Hurricane Sandy’s strong winds tore a portion of the roof

from the Lake Hiawatha School, which had been sheltering evacuees. The possibility of having a roof torn off during hurricane season can be very real for coastal residents.

Hurricane season isn’t scheduled to end until November 30 this year, and given the relative quietness that the U.S. has experienced in 2013, this lull could be the opportunity for homeowners to reach out to a metal roofing company to discuss the possibility of having one installed. Metal roofs offer plenty of safety when it comes to dealing with Mother Nature’s forces and can help protect your family in a hurricane.

Looking at construction
Unlike shingle roofing, which is assembled by laying each piece on top of another from the lowest to the highest point of the roof, vertical seam metal roofing uses a single sheet that covers the same amount of area. This minimal construction provides better wind resistance and a stronger adherence to the home, thereby decreasing the likelihood of the roof being blown off in hurricane winds. Additionally, the bigger pieces used in metal roofing have much fewer seams than shingle roofing, which greatly lowers the possibility of rain and snow penetrating into the home and causing further problems.

Standing seam metal roofing uses panels where the edges are rolled and then pinched together. It further noted that the strength of this type of metal roofing comes from its straps, their spacing and the anchorage.

Considering other benefits
One of the great advantages of metal roofing is the ability to install the pieces over an existing roof. The Florida Division of Emergency Management pointed out that homes that had existing roofing beneath metal roofing provide better protection for homes in the event that metal panels are compromised. On the other hand, if a metal roof is installed over another roof, a home has double protection against hurricane winds and rain.

Metal roofing does not have to be bright, reflective and industrial-looking. In fact, there are options that are made to mimic the look of shingle and tile roofing. It can also be colored to better complement the house. This additional benefit allows homeowners to maintain the overall style of their homes while providing the best protection for their families, making metal roofing a very attractive option for those looking to remodel their roofs.

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