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Consider these 4 important bathroom decisions made for you

May 31, 2023

Consider these 4 important bathroom decisions made for you

Bathroom remodeling isn’t just a lot of work, it’s a lot of decision making. And a lot of those big questions go well beyond just what kind of shower curtain you’re looking for. Making major decisions about your bathroom renovation shouldn’t be a chore, however. And if you’re feeling indecisive, there’s no reason not to let the experts handle this one for you.

Need some tips, starting with your tub? Just consider this professional advice from folks who know bathrooms best.

1. Acrylic or enameled steel bathtub?
Because it’s not particularly expensive, enameled steel is one of the most common bathtub materials. Essentially, it offers a tub stamped from steel that’s then finished with a coating of porcelain enamel, according to Inman News. Enameled steel is fairly durable, but the surface isn’t resistant to either rusting or chipping. Furthermore, they’re very heavy and can be difficult to install as a result, and the news source reports that because of their materials, the shapes and sizes can be limited.

Acrylic tubs improve on enameled steel in almost every way. At an affordable price, acrylic bathtubs offer fiberglass sheets instead of steel ones, which are coated in colored acrylic. This tub won’t chip, dent, rust or stain. The color is mixed in before the acrylic is layered over the fiberglass, so its vibrancy won’t fade over time. And homeowners have an extraordinary range of colors, styles and sizes to choose from. It’s a no-brainer.

2. Open vanity storage or closed?
Cabinets and drawers are a thing of the past – or at the very least, you should consider redesigning your bathroom to use them more sparingly. Go with open vanity storage for a relaxed and stylish spa-inspired look.

Feel like your bathroom is going to look too much like a hotel lobby’s? Check out some of these photos

from Houzz. They show off the unique style open vanity storage offers.

3. Naturally lit or light fixtures?
Most bathrooms stick to light fixtures instead of expansive windows by necessity. After all, who wants neighbors and passers-by peeking in their windows while they’re getting ready in the morning or taking a relaxing evening bath? However, taking all natural light and windows out of the equation deprives a bathroom at the same time. Consider how frosted glass or other window obscuring techniques could benefit your bathroom. Incorporate windows higher up on walls, or reorient your bathroom entirely so that broad picture windows look out over a corner of the home that features more privacy. However you manage them, windows are the way to go.

4. Vibrant colors or soothing neutrals?
Some folks like to layer neons and celebrate the bright and shocking in their bathrooms’ color schemes. But the majority of homeowners don’t retire to their acrylic bathtubs after a hard day’s work in order to be dazzled by electric blue or lime green hues.

Stick to neutral tones in your bathroom. This means grays, soft blues, creams and the occasional earth tones, like soft greens and browns. Want to add more character? Try doing so through texture instead of just color. Stonework, earthenware tiles and other features can bring your bathroom to life.

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