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Cooling Your Home This Summer with Energy Efficient Windows

May 31, 2023

Cooling Your Home This Summer with Energy Efficient Windows

Cool Your Home This Summer with Energy Efficient Windows

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Windows are one of your home’s most attractive features. Commonly referred to as the eye of the house, windows serve the purposes of beautifying your home and shielding you and your loved ones from natural debris. While often coveted for its aesthetic appeal and ability to provide views, lighting, and ventilation, windows can be a headache for homeowners especially during the dog days of summer.

Your Stunning Cooling Bill

Turning on air conditioners is a common way for homeowners to stay cool and comfortable when the temperature escalates. With two thirds of homes in America using air conditioners, studies have found that 5% to 6% of all the electricity produced in the United States goes directly to fuel air conditioners. One government study has shown that the annual cooling cost for homeowners adds up to a stunning number of $11 billion. However, your cooling expenditure can be alleviated by replacing your existing windows with energy efficient windows.

Whether you have owned your home for twenty plus years or you’re a first time homeowner looking to start out on the right foot, it’s very likely that saving money is one of your first priorities. Like the folks at qSample note, “Today’s first time homebuyers are [also] choosing to go green inside their homes. Studies show millennials are willing to spend a little more money on eco-friendly appliances and high-energy efficient heating and cooling systems than previous first-time buyers.”

Leaky Windows and Wallet

Windows can be a significant source of air leakage and heat loss. According to a guide published by U.S. Department of Energy, windows account for approximately 18% of wall areas in your home and are popular air leakage passageways for energy loss. Windows are responsible for 10% to 25% of your energy bills. With cool airs continually escaping the house, your air conditioning unit is forced to work double, or triple hard to not only resupply the lost cool air, but also battle against the infiltrating warm air that are entering into your home. A home with leaky windows takes a big toll against your cooling bills. Thanks to energy efficient windows, homeowners are now able to enjoy a comfortable, cool home at a great discount.

The Many Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

While ENERGY STAR qualified windows can lower your household energy by 7% to 15%, windows with special coating or glass options can give you an even more generous reduction. Named as the top “100 inventions” by Popular Science, “Heat Mirror technology is now used by manufacturers of insulating, low-e glass the world over.” Using the same technology that is found on NASA space shuttles, windows with Heat Mirror technology are known for their ability to reflect heat and increase the overall energy efficiency of your windows. Windows coated with low-e coatings can filter out 40% to 70% of the heat without compromising the natural lighting of the home.

In addition to all these immediate benefits, energy efficient windows are known for reducing fading in your carpet, fabrics, wood floor, and other organic home materials by blocking up to 99.5% of UV radiation. Designed to improve noise control and decrease CO2 emission, the multi-cavity “super glass” design found on energy efficient windows will keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. As Efficient Windows Collaborative explains, energy efficient windows will improve the thermal comfort of your home and satisfy your needs for a comfortable, sustainable, and economical living.

Install Energy Efficient Windows this Summer

Windows are one of the key considerations for homeowners who are searching for ways to conserve energy. While resorting to natural ventilation, ENERGY STAR-qualified AC units, and energy efficient window coverings are excellent ways to reduce your summer energy bills, cooling your house with energy efficient windows will effectively slash back your energy costs and help to stave off heat during the dog days of summer.

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