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Creative, unique bathroom decorating tips

May 31, 2023

Creative, unique bathroom decorating tips

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of renovating your bathroom. In between shopping for acrylic bathtubs and eclectic fixtures, you’re going to find yourself immersed in achieving your dream design. However, renovating a bathroom is about more than just sifting through the numerous acrylic showers on the market and finding the perfect one. You’ll want to add decorative accents to pull your design together at the end of the project. That being said, here are some decorating tricks that you can try in your space to create a cohesive look.

Go chrome
Chrome accents are the new hot trend, according to TLC. Whether you think it’s tacky or you can’t get enough of it, give it a try in your bathroom. Not only can it add a bit of sparkle, but it can make your bathroom feel more lively

. Chrome also doesn’t have to be futuristic – pair it with traditional linens or other accent pieces to give it a down-to-earth appearance.

Get organized
An organized space is naturally more visually appealing, and it instantly boosts the practicality of your bathroom, according to Real Simple magazine. Make it a point to organize everything from your toothbrushes to your cosmetics to keep your bathroom functional. Doing so will also make the space more eye-pleasing and ensure that it never feels too cluttered.

Use bright colors
You don’t necessarily need to use neon yellow in your bathroom to give it some pop, but adding a bit of color can give you the appeal you desire in the space. For instance, House Beautiful magazine stated that sky blue can be the perfect option for homeowners who want a soothing, bold bathroom. Explore your options before you make a final decision to stick with white or another neutral hue.

Repurpose other furnishings
Have you ever thought about what the wicker basket in your living room would look like in your bathroom? How about the empty sugar jar on your kitchen counter? It’s these types of items that can add flair to any bathroom. Not to mention, you’ll find practicality in using some of these items in the space. For instance, the sugar jar can hold luxurious bath salts for whenever you want to take a dip.

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