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Curved metal roofing offers a look like no other

May 31, 2023

Curved metal roofing offers a look like no other

Many folks are worried about not making their homes stand out. They want to abide by neighborhood standards or stick to inside-the-box aesthetic styles. However, for those who really want to move outside the usual design paradigm, there are a some truly fascinating options. Most homeowners with a flair for good looks, eco-friendly benefits and low roof maintenance have probably already checked out what metal roofing has to offer. But your typical flat standing seam metal roofing or stone-coated tiles are only the beginning. If you’re in search of a style that throws residential roofing tradition out the window, but remains classy, sustainable and long-lasting, look no further than curved metal roofing.

The versatility of metal
Flat surfaces can look passé beside roofing sections consisting of 180 degree curves. If you’ve ever wanted your home to have the graceful arcs and circular contours of art nouveau design or organic architecture, metal is the only material that can give you the versatility to realize these dreams. Nature abhors a straight line, so why not bring that same school of thought to your roofing? Let standing seam panels move in undulating waves, pitch your roof in a curve or use your new metal roof to complement your arched windows.

If you’re looking for some truly iconic examples of curved architecture

, Weburbanist has a collection of inspirational photos that includes the Guggenheim Museum among other rounded and domed structures. Alongside the aesthetics, metal roofing in any shape has a variety of other perks for homeowners.

Metal roofing’s benefits by the numbers
Beyond basic curb appeal, your new curved metal roofing also offers your home superior protection. It’s non-combustible, which is hugely important for homeowners in parts of the country prone to wildfires. But metal roofing is also a great investment for those homes in geographic regions prone to hurricanes. Not only does standing seam have the highest wind rating among all roof types, it has a guaranteed warranty against category 3 hurricane speed winds.

As you can imagine, anything that is this sturdy has some longevity in it. Metal roofing is famous for lasting well over twice the lifetime of asphalt roofs. In fact, some early 20th century metal roofs are known to still be holding up. Best of all, your roof is going to look great for all those decades, with anti-color fading guarantees for the first 35 years!

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