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Designing a metal roof for snowy climates

May 31, 2023

Designing a metal roof for snowy climates

Any metal roof contractor will tell you that his or her product does well in hot climates. Metal roofing is exceptional at keeping down energy costs because it starts at the source – the sun. Using reflective material and the right coloring, you can reduce roof surface temperatures by up to 100 degrees by choosing a metal roof. And you can just imagine how much cooler your whole home becomes as a result!

But the real mystery for some homeowners is whether metal roofing is a wise investment for snowy climates. Do the benefits for the American Southwest or northern summers pay off during snow-filled winter months? The short answer is “Yes.”

The design is key noted that metal roofs have traditionally done well in even harsh winter environments, like Maine, but they need to be designed well first. This means that they have to have to meet snow loading requirements, have an adequate slope and be equipped with snow guards when necessary.

According to the news source, when snow is involved, in order to avoid leaking, no slope should be less than an inch per foot.

But metal roofing does avoid the perils of some other winter roofing woes. For instance, the experts at the news source cited rot as the ruining catalyst in plenty of garages, sheds and barns with asphalt or shingle roofs that leak at the eaves and ridges. When a 5-foot snow load drops onto this roof, it brings the whole build crashing down.

Homeowners considering any kind of roofing may want to consult with the local metal roofing company about the benefits that this material offers in the worst of winter weather. The company can provide insight into design specifications and engineering tips which can improve the efficacy of a new metal roof. Snow guards or heating cables could make all the difference and take a load off your mind – not to mention your roof – all winter long.

A clean sweep
According to Metal Roofing Alliance, one of the other benefits of standing seam metal roofing during the winter is maintenance. Homeowners won’t need to worry about ice damming

, which can cause leaks inside asphalt roofed homes. And with the right slope to your roof, you won’t need to worry about icicles or snow pulling down your gutters.

The news source also pointed out that alongside snow guards, the prevalence of heat sources in the attic or under a home’s roof often keeps large chunks of wintry debris from falling onto pathways. A safer alternative for homeowners and their families.

So if you’re in the market for a roof that offers you peace of mind during the summer and the winter, metal roofing is the clear choice. It stands up to the very worst that any season has to offer, and it looks great while doing it!

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