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Find out the benefits of manufactured stone siding

May 31, 2023

Find out the benefits of manufactured stone siding

Stone is one of the oldest building materials available to man. It comes directly from the earth and provides a strong, resilient option for any home. However, as many contractors will tell you, working with actual stone when you’re constructing your house can be difficult. Manufactured stone, on the other hand, is light, cheap and extremely durable. Perhaps best of all, it provides the same aesthetic qualities you turn to stone for in the first place!

The right stone veneer can offer the look and quality of stone masonry at a fraction of the cost and effort. And you’re not just investing in a facade, either. Manufactured stone is built from a variety materials and takes its inspiration from the colors and textures found in rock across the world. Cast in molds that replicate natural stone shapes and formations then hand colored with iron oxide pigments, manufactured stone is a subtle art that lends your home classic curb appeal.

Want to know the other benefits of veneer stone siding from Global Home Improvement? Check out these performance specs and information.

Manufactured stone is designed to stand up to moisture, which is essential for reducing old growth. It’s also corrosion resistant, can withstand 110 mile-per-hour winds or more, has a Class A fire rating, stands up to freeze and thaw testing in labs and is produced with a minimum of 50 percent recycled content.

Curious how installation works? Manufactured stone looks great indoors or outdoors, and either way the process is simple.

Covering the basics
The Family Handyman provided a great step-by-step tip sheet

for those undertaking stone veneer installation on their own, but if you’re thinking of going with a contractor, knowing the basics can be of help. The news source noted that pretty much every manufactured stone project involves a layer or more of building paper and wire lath, which help to keep the mortar in place. However, cutting lath can be tough and a definite safety hazard, so DIY installers should take precaution.

Next, the lath should be coated with about half an inch of Type S mortar. Scratching this layer with a trowel will help the stone to cling better. The first layer of mortar should be allowed to dry overnight. The next day, the actual stones can be installed one by one using the same kind of mortar. The next step is a style choice up to the homeowner: For a “dry-stacked” look that gives the impression of stones arranged without mortar, installation ends here. Otherwise, for a more cohesive look, homeowners or contractors will need to go back in and use a grout bag or similar tool to fill the joints between stones with mortar.

The end result is a stylish mix between the old and the new. There’s no need to paint, coat or seal your stone veneer from Global Home Improvement, either. It’s also backed by a 50-year limited warranty – good news, because your manufactured stone is only going to look better with age.

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