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Find the right outdoor furniture for your metal roofing

May 31, 2023

Find the right outdoor furniture for your metal roofing

Installing and reaping all the benefits of metal roofing introduces a bold look that some homeowners can have trouble balancing with the rest of the house. However, with some basic understanding of design elements, ensuring that passersby and neighbors admire your entire house rather than just the roof will be a breeze.

Draw attention to the whole
One of the most important elements of assembling a composition is not making anything look accidental. If you don’t have an element that ties into the overall look of your metal roofing, it can become a focal point that distracts from your great siding, windows or even the architecture. As such, you’ll want to step outside and figure out what factor of the roofing you find to be the most attractive. Consult with other household members so that no one is left out of this important process.

Metal is a bold surface that you may love, so highlight it by investing in outdoor furniture that’s made of the same material. Standing seam metal roofing and metal shingle roofing has strong lines that you can complement and contrast at the same time with organically shaped chairs. On the other hand, the curves of metal tile roofing give your house a great organic flow that you’ll want to offset with rigid lines, but highlight with a similar material. You likely spent a long time debating what color your roof should be, so expand on it by featuring furniture with similar colors – a few shades lighter or darker will create a gradient that’s easy on the eyes.

You can go in the other direction with color by featuring furniture that boasts a complementary color. A red roof will be enhanced by the presence of a green chair of a similar hue. This is a great way to incorporate more color into your home’s exterior without taking away from the overall design.

If you prefer the industrial metal look for your roofing but the cozier feel of wicker or wooden furniture for your porch, you can still tie the roofing design into your chairs by looking for cushions that use the same basic color or design. This creates a subtler flow that won’t compromise the personal touch of natural furniture materials.

Metal roofing can be fully embraced into the overall exterior design by purchasing the right pieces of furniture that highlight, but don’t distract from it.

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