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Get a tax credit from Energy Star with Metal Roofing NJ

May 31, 2023

Get a tax credit from Energy Star with Metal Roofing NJ

Metal roofing has come leaps and bounds with regard to looks in the past years. The sheer number of colors to choose from is staggering – not to mention the various styles. Prefer the sleek, modern look of standing seam metal roofing for your home? It can even provide stylish complement to Victorian houses. Or you can go with an old-fashioned style and stick by metal shingles coated in stone. Whatever look you choose, your metal roof is going to offer superior energy benefits – and maybe even a tax credit!

How you can get up to $500 for your new roof
According to Energy Star, Americans spend roughly $40 billion each year air conditioning their homes and offices. That’s a full sixth of all the electricity generated in the U.S. Reducing that amount is good for your wallet and great for the environment, which is why the Energy Star program is ready to help you save with rebates on qualified roofing products.

The right roof can reflect the sun’s rays, rather than absorb them and bring that heat into the house, as asphalt does. In fact, the right metal roof in the right color can lower roof surface temperature by up to a full 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Imagine how much cooler your attic – not to mention the rest of your home – would be without that excess surface heat! Ideally, the right roof could reduce peak cooling demands by 10 to 15 percent, according to Energy Star. The news source even provides a roof savings calculator

for homeowners to use, so they can get a prospective estimate on the benefit to their home.

Standing seam roofs from Metal Roof NJ are Energy Star-rated, and can qualify homeowners for up to $500 in tax credit. The reason this roofing style is so beloved by green homeowners isn’t just its ability to reflect the sun’s rays however – standing seam metal roofing can also be insulated with a radiant barrier made up of fiberglass and foam block, which helps reduce both energy costs and the intrusion of outside noise.

It gets even greener
Want another reason to fall in love with standing seam roofs? Each one is made of 20 percent to 30 percent recycled materials, which is more than can be said of other roofs. But furthermore, unlike the 1.3 billion pounds of asphalt roofing dumped in landfills on a yearly basis, every standing seam roof is itself 100 percent recyclable at the end of its lifespan. And that’s going to be one very long lifespan.

Metal roofing is famous for its durability. In fact, according to Mother Earth News, Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia home, Monticello, is still sporting its original roof made of tin. While this may be an extreme exception, it’s not unusual for metal roofing to outlive asphalt alternatives three or even four times over!

Metal roofing is simply the greenest option around, and luckily for homeowners, that’s exactly what’s going to save them money in the long run. And thanks to Energy Star program, your metal roof will start showing dividends almost immediately with a generous tax credit.

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