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Give your home a modern look with fiber cement siding

May 31, 2023

Give your home a modern look with fiber cement siding

Older homes that have yet to see exterior remodeling can take a leap into modern times by installing fiber cement siding. This type of siding comes with many benefits, it’s more environmentally-friendly than other siding materials, last longer, looks good and according to Realty Times, can increase the value of a house.

Making siding with the environment in mind
The construction industry can produce a lot of waste. However, many manufacturers of fiber cement siding use sustainable and recycled materials. James Hardie offers a fiber cement board that is part of the green and sustainable movement, using raw materials nearby to cut down on transportation, thereby reducing pollution emitted by construction vehicles.

Investing in a quality product
Fiber cement siding has a longer lifespan than wooden siding. It also offers more durability than vinyl siding. The material is insect and fire resistant, giving homeowners a better peace of mind. After all, there are many factors that you cannot control. Having siding that doesn’t attract termites or carpenter ants is a welcome feature for many.

Customize the look
One of the greatest benefits of fiber cement siding is its level of customization. If you’re looking for a specific color, fiber cement siding can be made to match your specifications. Do you enjoy the look of wooden siding but want the benefits of fiber cement? Worry not. Fiber cement can be made to look like wood. It can be installed in vertical or horizontal layouts. With all these options, homeowners have the freedom to control a part of their home that has a large impact on its aesthetic.

Going beyond just looks
Renovating your home with customized fiber cement siding will be sure to draw your neighbor’s attention. Should the time come when you’re looking to sell your home, it will certainly add value to your house. Potential buyers will not only appreciate the beauty of the material but will also want to take advantage of its durability.

Fiber cement siding has numerous advantages over other materials and can be worth the investment. Siding renovation is a large project, so you should certainly consider hiring a professional renovation company. Not only will this save you some work, but the staff will know the ins and outs of the material and all of its benefits. Their knowledge and expertise will have your house sporting a new look in no time.

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