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GTech E-Shingle

May 31, 2023

GTech E-Shingle


Introducing Global’s Own Brand of Metal Shingle…The GTech E-Shingle…Designed to outperform Asphalt!

Style, Versatility, Energy Efficiency and Value!

GTech E-shingles were specifically designed to compete with Asphalt roofing.  Our custom manufactured E-shingles come with a lifetime warranty and because they are metal, will not warp, rot, distort or even stain like Asphalt! What’s even more impressive is the VALUE we can offer with our GTech E-shingle. 

Side-by-Side Comparison to Asphalt

Because we developed this metal shingle to compete with Asphalt, we knew we had to do a lot of volume. That is why the cost of our Metal Shingles are comparable to Designer Asphalt Shingles by top manufacturers! When you look at all the benefits of our GTech E-shingle; Price, Performance and Aesthetics, you’ll see there is really no comparison at all!

Energy Efficiency

Our GTech E-shingle is cool coated to reflect radiation that can cause attic temperatures to reach up to 120 degrees! Never again have to deal with unbearable summers with Asphalt roofs that absorb and hold onto heat well after the sun sets. Our E-shingles are Energy Star rated and guaranteed to save you money on your home cooling costs! 


It’s true, any new roof will add to the aesthetics of your home. But what about in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years. Traditional asphalt roofs stain and discolor in as little as 1 year, whereas Metal Shingle Roofing by Global will last a lifetime and look good too! Check out our Photo Gallery of Metal Shingle Roofing for more images. 

Color Selection

Like all our metal roofing, the GTech E-shingle comes in a wide range of extraordinary colors to meet any design requirement. 



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