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Have your historic home’s Yankee gutters repaired or replaced

May 31, 2023

Have your historic home’s Yankee gutters repaired or replaced

Yankee gutters are an old-fashioned feature you can find on many historic homes. And like a lot of old design elements, they work best with a lot of maintenance and attention. Also like most old features, these go by a number of different names: pool gutters or built-in gutters being two of the most popular. If you’re hoping to have your Yankee gutters replaced, check in with a trusted company, like Global Home Improvement. Options like copper lining – which is best for copper, cedar or slate roofs on historic homes – or stainless steel are favorites. Plus, an EPDM or rubber roof lining for your Yankee gutters offers a 10 to 20 year warranty! The right team can also repair and clean out your gutters for your – but this is a step some homeowners don’t mind doing themselves.

Want a primer on repairing Yankee gutters? While it’s advisable that you let a professional take on this task – they can also advise homeowners on whether or not a replacement is a better option – Old House Journal also provides a handy outline of the process


Stay safe
Reaching the gutters on a two-story home can be dangerous. When ladders aren’t enough, some homeowners may need to invest in scaffolding. Whatever you do, don’t take chances. Professionals are familiar with the pitch and dangers of working on roofs or high above the ground. on the other hand, making safety a number one reason to contract out your gutter maintenance and repair.

Start on prep
The next step is going to be getting the gutters ready for serious repair. The first stage of this is the usual maintenance work of cleaning gutters of all debris. The news source recommended a paintbrush as an excellent way to get even the smallest leftover leaves and dirt out. Then, repair teams will want to scrape off any loose paint before rinsing down the gutters with water and just a little soap or detergent. The gutters must then dry completely.

Patching and coating
Any holes or damaged areas in the gutter should be patched next. Old House Journal recommended using butyl tape, since it adheres well to metal and it works well with EPDM rubber lining. This is important because the next step is to mix and/or apply the rubber liner.

According to the news source, the liner membrane should be applied only when homeowners or contractors know there’s going to be clear weather for almost a full day. Too much rain can pit the surface of the membrane. A thick paint brush or squeegee applies the rubber liner to the gutter. One coat is usually enough, and the Old House Journal project found that a gallon of rubber sealant covered almost 40 full feet of gutter. After about a week, the solution will have hardened completely, leaving behind slick, smooth and functioning gutters with no drip!

The real benefit of Yankee gutters may be aesthetic, but that doesn’t mean your historic home should suffer for style. Call up a trusted contractor today!

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