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How a metal roof could liven up your sunroom

May 31, 2023

How a metal roof could liven up your sunroom

A sunroom can be one of the most relaxing spaces of a home. And with a metal roof on top of it, a sunroom can become much more lively and better protected. To make your sunroom as comfortable as possible, you’ll want it to be kept at a lower temperature, allowing yourself to cool down there on a hot summer day without having to go outdoors in the blazing sun. Metal roofing can help make your sunroom cooler, thanks to its exceptional solar absorption properties. Standing Seam metal roofing reflects the sun’s rays better than other roofing options. According to Energy Star, metal roofs can reduce the surface temperature of a roof by up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit

, which decreases the amount of heat that transfers into your home interior.

Choose from beautiful options to match your personal decor style
One of the many benefits of metal roofing is that homeowners are given many options for personalization. ATAS metal roofing, for example, is an excellent option that can be designed in a myriad of unique colors, such as patina green, aged copper or champagne. You can choose to give your sunroom roof a different color from surrounding roofing, or you could dramatically change the look of your home with a more comprehensive metal roof installation. And unlike the colors on standard roofing panels, metal roof colors do not peel or fade, so you can rest assured that your roof will retain its elegant look for years to come.

Additionally, homeowners can choose from ATAS metal roofing options that mimic the style of other panels. For example, if you prefer the look of shingles to standing seam, you may be partial to one of ATAS’ metal shingle offerings, such as Advanta Metal Shingles, CastelTop Metal Shingles or PermaShake Simulated Shake. There is a metal roofing option to match just about every homeowner’s personal decor preferences.

Enhanced beauty is matched with money-saving opportunities
Not only will metal roofs add to the beautiful appearance of your sunroom, they can also allow you to save money on the associated energy costs of the room. The energy efficient properties of metal roofing could lead to decreased energy costs, as you can rely less on air conditioning to keep your sunroom cool. In addition, metal roofs can help you to save money on homeowners insurance, and could improve your home’s resell value, according to Houzz.

With a metal roof installation, you might find yourself spending much more time in your sunroom this summer. The sun-reflective properties of metal roofing could make your sunroom a cooler, more relaxing environment. So before summer comes around and you find yourself looking for an open indoor space to beat the heat, consider having a metal roof installed over your sunroom. Reach out to a New Jersey metal roofing company to get started.

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