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How Prodigy siding could enhance your home exterior

May 31, 2023

How Prodigy siding could enhance your home exterior

With Prodigy siding, you don’t have to choose between performance and beauty. Energy-efficient, durable and with an understated elegance, Prodigy’s panel design offers homeowners the best in vinyl siding. The siding of your home should give off a favorable first impression of your decor style, as it is one of the first features that neighbors notice when they see your house. Beyond appearance, siding should keep your home protected from the elements all year long. You’ll want to choose vinyl siding that fills both of these roles, and Prodigy siding will do just that.

Here are a few reasons why your home could benefit from Prodigy siding:

Energy efficiency
In order to bring down your electrical bill and reduce your impact on the environment, it helps to install an energy-efficient siding. Prodigy siding has exceptional insulation properties, allowing homeowners in any type of climate to reduce their energy consumption. Its 1 1/2-inch thickness will prevent warm air from escaping your home and help you to save on heating costs.

Unmatched performance
Designed with several innovative mechanisms in place, Prodigy siding is the industry leader in performance features. Its structurally independent wall system ensures that panels stand up on their own. Prodigy panels also feature a unique RigidLock locking mechanism, in which a tongue-and-groove coupling holds panels together and keeps out air and moisture. Your house will be better protected during hurricane season thanks to the secure bonding of Prodigy’s insulation system to the outer panels.

Total customization
With Prodigy, there is a vinyl siding look to fit every homeowner’s decor taste. These panels are offered in 21 eye-catching colors, such as autumn red, juniper ridge and midnight blue. The permanent finish on these panels prevents paint from being scratched off, so they will retain their beautiful color for years to come. Homeowners can also select from a variety of color-matching trim and accessory options to complement the look of their siding panels.

Cleaner look
Prodigy siding panels are 39 percent longer than the average 12-inch panel. This allows for a cleaner design than standard panels, as fewer overlaps are present. In addition, Prodigy vinyl siding has the classic appearance of milled wood – a timeless look capable of suiting just about any style of home.

To enhance your New Jersey home with improved energy performance and a classic-looking exterior, give it the gift of Prodigy vinyl siding. The installation of this siding will have noticeably positive impacts on your electric bill and overall home decor. However, you won’t want to go about this project yourself. Be sure to have a professional install this siding for you. It’s a time-consuming project and not one that should be performed by someone without experience. Reach out to a local vinyl siding company to get started.

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