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Install low-maintenance vinyl siding on your home

May 31, 2023

Install low-maintenance vinyl siding on your home

If your house’s exterior is starting to fade or has been extensively chipped away by weather conditions, it may be time to look into the benefits of vinyl siding. Not only is vinyl siding one of the cheaper replacement options for your home, it also requires little to no maintenance, giving you more time and freedom.

Knowing what vinyl siding entails
Vinyl siding is made from poly vinyl chloride resins combined with various other materials such as stabilizers, color and impact modifiers. The end result is a durable, low-maintenance product that is highly customizable. This is particularly attractive for homeowners who are looking for a change in color.

The production of vinyl siding allows homeowners to choose a custom color. Though this is also possible with fiber cement siding, the difference lies in how the color is applied. Whereas fiber cement siding applies the paint to the surface, vinyl siding implements the color into the mixture. This means that the color is integrated into the pieces. This lowers maintenance, since it does not require repainting. It also provides the added benefit of minimizing cosmetic damage. When dirt accumulates on the surface, all that is necessary is a good hosing down.

Prodigy siding offers energy-saving insulation with its vinyl siding. This will ensure that your home looks its best on the exterior and keeps your rooms at a comfortable temperature on the interior. Additionally, the nature of the material dissuades insects from boring into your house. If you currently have wood siding, you’re well aware of this problem. Wood siding is a traditional look that many homeowners prefer and Prodigy vinyl siding is designed to look like wood without requiring its maintenance or disadvantages. With vinyl, your house can continue to look great with all the benefits of vinyl siding.

Planning ahead for a siding project
If you’re thinking about having your siding redone, you should consider the perks that vinyl siding offers. It is one of the cheaper material options for siding, so that’s certainly a factor to consider, especially if you’re on a budget. Look into a renovation company that offers more than one option to figure out which is the best fit for your lifestyle and the general look and feel of your home. Professionals will be better able to advise you on cost, benefits and quality.

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