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Look at metal roofing for your coastal home

May 31, 2023

Look at metal roofing for your coastal home

Coastal homeowners thinking about having their roofs remodeled should look into metal roofing options. Not only can metal roofing make your house look great, it also stands up well against the strong winds that occur along coastlines. It can handle rain and snow with ease, help keep your home cool in the summer and be easier to maintain in the winter.

Addressing concerns
Homes lining coasts often sport a more weathered look, thanks to the salt water conditions and strong winds. If you’re worried about installing a metal roof because the salt in the air may cause it to rust quickly, you can rest easy. According to Metal Roofing Alliance, modern day metal roofing uses a zinc coating that may sometimes be used with aluminum to help protect the roof from rust. This surfacing is applied by manufacturers, so your panels will arrive ready to face any weather conditions.

Hurricane season is a very real concern for coastal homeowners. Having a roof blown off is a possibility that will not only compromise your home’s structural integrity, but could also pose a serious danger to family members. However, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, there are certain types of metal roofing that hold up well

against strong winds.

Metal roofing can be extremely energy efficient. During the summer, the material’s reflective quality helps deflect the sun’s rays, keeping your home nice and cool. Lighter colors will aid in increasing this ability.

Winter in the coastal region are harsh. The biting wind’s enough to drive any homeowner back indoors. However, metal roofing can help lower maintenance in lower temperatures. Snow will easily slide off your roof, eliminating any need to clear the drifts yourself. Also, if your attic is properly insulated, the addition of a metal roof can help prevent ice dams, which can damage your home.

Coastal houses have a very distinct look that homeowners want to maintain. The idea of a smooth and shiny roof may be unappealing. However, metal roofing comes in a variety of colors, shapes and textures. Regardless of your home’s style, there’s definitely a metal roofing option that suits its aesthetic.

Though there may be many concerns for coastal homeowners considering metal roofing, modern technology has allowed manufacturers and contractors to construct durable, energy-efficient and beautiful metal roofing. Reach out to a contractor today to discuss your options.

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