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Look into environmentally friendly metal roofs

May 31, 2023

Look into environmentally friendly metal roofs

Homeowners who are proactive in the green movement may want to consider reaching out to a metal roof contractor. Metal roofing has proven to be very durable due to the nature of the material as well the construction process, which provides great wind resistance. It also boasts great energy efficiency with its exterior reflective quality that keeps the home cool in the summer and its interior insulating levels that keeps the home warm during the winter. Additionally, these roofs are made from recycled materials, which helps ensure a more sustainable future.

Starting with construction
According to the Metal Roofing Alliance, the steel used in metal roofing pieces are made of about 28 percent recycled content. It’s important to note that metal roofs are made with many types of metal

, primarily aluminum or steel. Depending on the project, zinc, titanium and copper may also be used.

Keeping waste out of landfills
The Metal Roofing Alliance cited the National Association of Homebuilders Research Center, which found that 20 billion pounds of asphalt shingle roofing wind up in landfills annually. This may be appalling news for homeowners whose houses currently have asphalt shingles. However, the silver lining lays in the versatility of metal roofing. It’s possible for metal roofing to be installed over existing roofing. Not only will this help keep the current roofing out of the landfill, it has the additional benefit of providing your home with two layers of protection. In the event that the outer layer of metal roofing sustains any damage, you’ll still have the underlying roofing to protect the interior of your house.

Holding up against the elements
Metal roofing non-combustible, which will be essential if there is ever a house fire. One of the many hazards of a fire is the possibility of having a roof collapse. With a metal roof, homeowners will not have to worry about this possibility.

For those who live in coastal areas, hurricanes are a very real threat. Metal roofing has great wind resistance and has the ability to hold up to strong winds, thereby lowering the possibility of having a piece fly off.

In the wintertime, homeowners can rest easy knowing that the snow will be less likely to accumulate on their metal roofs, as the slippery surface will cause any snow to fall off.

Additionally, metal roofing is available in a variety of color and shapes, fulfilling both criteria of form and function.

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