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Metal Roof Mania: Why Asphalt Roofs Are Outdated

May 31, 2023

Metal Roof Mania: Why Asphalt Roofs Are Outdated

Metal Roof Mania: Why Asphalt Roofs Are Outdated
Metal Roof Mania Why Asphalt Roofs Are Outdated - Image 1

There are plenty of options out there for roofing materials, but which is best for your home? Well, the answer most certainly will change from one party to the next. While a run-of-the-mill roofer might say that asphalt is superior due to its cheap price, architects and carpenters tend to favor metal above all other alternatives.

If you are installing a new roof, you probably are most interested in functionality, and naturally, you want the roof to maintain for the foreseeable future. Although both metal and asphalt can get the job done, when it comes to durability and warranty, metal reigns supreme.

Aesthetics is another reason why metal roofing is so highly recommended by architects. After all, your home shouldn’t just be where you live; it should make a statement about who you are and what you value. Is cheap price the most important factor? Or are you interested in the sleek alternative that pays off in the long run?

Metal Roofs are Smarter Investments Over Time

Homes aren’t cheap to maintain. From water heaters to tiling and flooring, there are plenty of expenses outside of the monthly mortgage. If you focus on the short-term and only install low-value products, the long-term expenses might sneak up sooner than you think. On the other hand, spending a little extra money on durable materials can minimize long-term costs. 

That’s one reason why metal roofing is gradually replacing asphalt as the go-to roofing material: Its weather- and climate-resistant qualities, along with its physical composition, can allow it to last decades longer than asphalt.

Rumors are spreading that certain zinc and copper roofs throughout Europe have endured for more than a century. Although this may be possible with proper maintenance, you can expect your metal roof to last approximately 60 years.

But longevity is only the only reason why metal roofs are smart investments. When it comes time to sell your home, not only do you want a quality structure, but you also want something that’s as beautiful as it is strong. And from the moment a potential buyer sets sight on your home, their eyes will immediately gravitate to the contemporary, crisp look of your roof.

In fact, asphalt roofs can appear old and worn in as few as five years. Even the best warranties won’t cover mold, mildew and discoloration, so homeowners are left with buyer’s remorse.

Metal Roofs Dominate When It Comes to Aesthetics

Just the name “asphalt†inspires a negative image: foul-smelling factories that produce a dark, gritty material. In that sense, it’s no wonder why more homeowners and construction companies are starting to favor metal roofs. 

But looks and finances aren’t the only reasons. Metal also is lightweight. Homeowners rarely consider this as a factor when it comes to choosing materials, but it can have a major impact on the infrastructure of your home and the cost of installation.

The weight of roofing metal varies depending on the manufacturers, design and contractors. Aluminum is among the most popular metals used, and it weighs approximately 50 pounds per square. Other materials, like steel, can weigh up to 250 pounds per square.

Depending on the type you choose, metal can be much lighter than asphalt. This means that the framing of your home has less weight to support. Also, it makes it easier for construction companies to install the roof, which can ultimately reduce labor costs.

Metal Roofs Come With Longer Warranties

Due to the material being so structurally sound, manufacturers are willing to offer warranties that last as long as 50 years. Metal is extremely weather resistant, so the chance of it degrading before asphalt is almost zero.

Metal Roofs are Environmentally Friendly

Metal roofs often are made of recycled material. They also reflect heat much better than asphalt, which means lower power bills. This, again, is another reason why metal roofs are such a smart investment over time, especially in hotter climates.

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