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Metal roofing can work for homes in all climates

May 31, 2023

Metal roofing can work for homes in all climates

If you’ve had asphalt shingles on your roof for as long as you can remember, you might not think to consider a metal roof as a replacement. This alternative roofing is becoming a popular option for people who want reliability and durability – which is exactly what Tampa Bay homeowner David Replogle desired, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Recently, it came time for Replogle to replace his old roof and look for a new option. He quickly found that metal roofing was the solution he’d been waiting for all this time, living in a hurricane-prone region of the country. Replogle had this type of roofing installed, and he couldn’t be happier with the results.

“I had a tree fall in the back yard and [it] punched a hole in the house before I had the [metal] roof put on,” Replogle told the news source. “If that tree had fallen now, it wouldn’t have punched a hole in it. It’s so much stronger.”

Some people are skeptical about the efficiency of metal roofs, especially in hot areas such as Florida where the sun is strong. This alternative option is often criticized for absorbing heat, but the fact of the matter is that many of them are coated to reflect sunlight. Metal also dramatically cools down faster than material such as asphalt.

“Once a metal roof is installed, it stays,” Michael Faulkner, roof manufacturer, told the news source. “When I was in the roofing business, I never replaced a metal roof; I replaced shingle roofs and tile roofs. It is the last roof you will ever need.”

Metal roofing and its benefits
You don’t have to live in Florida to reap the full benefits of owning a metal roof – this style is ideal for homes across the country. As the Metal Roofing Alliance stated, metal roofs come in a wide variety of styles

designed to meet your house’s needs. Whether you’re worried about the climate or the way it will look on your home, you can find an option that works for you. Because metal roofs have an extended lifespan, they’re also environmentally friendly and recyclable, which can help you reduce your carbon footprint and give you peace of mind.

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