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Metal roofing makes a great option for all house types

May 31, 2023

Metal roofing makes a great option for all house types

If you live in an old Victorian-style house, you’ve probably got doubts about how well a metal roof is going to mesh with your home’s architecture. The same goes for those with farmhouse-inspired homes. Won’t a metal roof leave the home looking too industrial or modern? What works for contemporary style abodes isn’t always best for those with a vintage streak.

But as Houzz notes, it’s not just the eco-friendly benefits of metal roofing

that makes it ideal for all home types. It’s also a versatile material aesthetically. As examples, they show off a Vermont lake house wood siding and stone walls complemented by crisply architectural standing seam metal roofing in deep brown. Another sleek grey roof sits atop a tall, vernacular-style home in Colorado. A unique looking metal roof atop a rural Texan home adds texture to the mix of modern and cabin-inspired architecture. Even a modernized farmhouse can find trendy, yet traditional, style thanks to colorful metal roofing and the right window trim!

Curious what makes metal roofing so versatile? Consider these factors.

Metal Roof NJ offers over 25 different vibrant colors for their roofs, all of which range from traditional Matte Black to reliable Forest Green, vibrant Terra Cotta and cool Pacific Blue. There are also a number of premium options to pick from, including Champagne or Antique Patina. These colors help homeowners establish an exterior design scheme that can either draw attention to or distract from the metal roof, depending on how much of a focal point they want this feature to be. Different colors also work better with one style of metal roofing or another.

A metal roof is hardly just a painted sheet stuck to the top of your home. Various styles work better with certain kinds of architecture. For instance, standing seam metal roofs are ideal for historical homes as well as contemporary ones. However, some homeowners might prefer metal shingles, since these tend to blend better with neighboring homes and work well in traditional homes. Another option is to go with metal roofing tiles. These are especially popular in southern climates where they offer all the aesthetic appeal of the Southwest alongside the numerous benefits of metal roofing – like reduced roof surface temperatures, which means your home stays significantly cooler even during the worst desert heat waves.

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