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Metal roofing stands up against Mother Nature’s worst

May 31, 2023

Metal roofing stands up against Mother Nature’s worst

Standing seam metal roofing is known for a number of benefits. To begin with, it’s gorgeous, helping your home truly stand out in a residential neighborhood, whether the architecture and ambiance is historic, contemporary, rural or suburban. With dozens of colors to choose from, standing seam can offer your home plenty of curb appeal. But good looks aren’t anything, which is why most homeowners come to metal roofing via energy efficiency. Simply put, metal roofs offer eco-friendly benefits that asphalt just can’t match. Your standing seam roof is Energy Star rated thanks to its ability to reflect the sun’s rays, reduce roof surface temperature by up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and lower home cooling costs. But furthermore, not only are metal roofs produced with recycled materials, the entire roof itself is recyclable.

But chances are you won’t have to worry about getting rid of your standing seam metal roof any time soon. Ask any metal roofing company, these home features tend to last a long time – sometimes five to ten decades or more. The reason why? Nothing compares to metal roofing when it comes to longevity and durability. Even against hurricanes, these roofs hold their own, keeping your residence intact and your family safe.

Check out how your new metal roof could stand up against one of Mother Nature’s elements at it’s most destructive: fire.

Washington wildfire
Construction Magazine Network has a picture on their site that’s perfectly emblematic of the resilience of metal roofing

. A single Washington home stands solid amid charred ground from a summer 2012 wildfire. While neighbors suffered home damages or lost their housing entirely, this homeowner – and others with metal roofing – were able to retain their residences.

Two major factors spared the Washington home, owned by David Gordon and his wife. The two of them had cleared out the shrubs and trees from around their house, which slowed the wildfire advancement. But most homes tend to catch when flammable debris is caught on the wind and lands on their roofs. In this case, the fire retardant metal kept that from happening.

As the news source reports, roofing assemblies are all subjected to fire tests in laboratories. These tests will determine what fire rating the roofing material receives: Class A, B or C. Most metal roofing manufacturers go out of their way for third-party testing in order to obtain a Class A rating, since it’s a major selling point

The dangers of a house fire
According to the American Red Cross, 80 percent of Americans don’t realize that fires in the home are the single most common disaster in the U.S. Of more than 73,000 disasters in the nation that the ARC responded to in a given year, approximately 92 percent are fire related. With the data as clear as it is, it’s important that Americans take steps to secure their homes are safe from fire. This means responsible prevention and safety, a family emergency plan and equipping your house with features that can improve its chances against one of Mother Nature’s most destructive elements. Metal roofing is an excellent place to start.

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