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Proper attic insulation and metal roofing can help prevent ice dams

May 31, 2023

Proper attic insulation and metal roofing can help prevent ice dams

Wintertime for homeowners means constant maintenance to keep their houses safe – shoveling the driveway, de-icing the paths, knocking accumulated snowdrifts from the roof and more. One of the more hazardous winter safety measures is dealing with ice dams. These form when snow piles on a rooftop, melts and refreezes into dangling icicles. Other than the obvious danger of having one of these fall on someone’s head, there’s the concern for the house’s structural integrity and the additional safety hazard of climbing high enough to get rid of these icicles. However, investing in quality metal roofing and a properly insulated home can help prevent ice dams.

Understanding ice dams
Removing a large snowdrift from a rooftop can be easier than hacking away at ice dams. Therefore, it’s important for homeowners to take preventative measures when dealing with snow accumulation. However, ice dams can be difficult to prevent.

When snow piles up on a rooftop, it eventually melts from environmental factors outside or inside your home. The heat from inside your house can melt the snow as easily as the sun does. The water then refreezes at the edge of the roofing, where the temperature is cooler. This forms an ice dam, which blocks the rest of the water from reaching the gutters. This forces the water to seep under the roofing shingles, causing structural damage and potentially creating a mold problem.

Dealing with ice dams
There are many methods for getting rid of ice dams, from roof rakes to heat tape. However, if you take advantage of the metal’s slippery nature and ensure proper attic insulation, ice dams may not form as easily.

The first line of defense is sloped metal roofing’s ability to shed ice easily. If snow isn’t able to accumulate on the surface at all, then ice dams won’t be able to form. However, despite the benefits of metal roofing, it’s equally important to provide your attic with the best insulation possible. If you can efficiently prevent heat from escaping your home, then the only factor that will melt the snow is the heat of the sun. This will slow down the rate at which the snow melts into water. If the snow is able to turn into slush, then it can slide harmlessly from your rooftop.

The prevention of ice dams requires attention to several areas. A metal roof can certainly help protect your home and your loved ones, but additional measures need to be taken.

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