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Remodel your ranch style home with a metal roof

May 31, 2023

Remodel your ranch style home with a metal roof

Ranch style houses are great for families – they boast plenty of space for children and pets, they look great in the neighborhood and they come with the ingrained thought of comfortable living. These homes have a very specific look that many homeowners want to preserve. But if you’re thinking about giving your ranch style abode a new look that boasts form and function, look no further than metal roofing.

Looking at form
Metal roofs are a modern feature that can complement any traditional home., a site dedicated completely to ranch style houses, pointed out that the popularity of metal roofing

has allowed the material to be included in the more classic styles.

One factor that has permitted this shift is shape. Metal roofing comes in a variety of designs. If you’re not a fan of the ultra modern standing seam look, then tile or shingle metal roofing may be more to your taste. The more textured models can better allow you to preserve the traditional look of your ranch style home.

Equally important to the aesthetics of your house is the roof color. Homes that are located in warmer climate year-round will benefit from light, more reflective surface coatings that will better disperse sunlight and heat than darker counterparts, according to a paper written by the Cool Metal Roofing Coalition. However, darker matte painting will enhance your new roof’s ability to blend into your house’s traditional style.

Benefiting from function
Metal roofing will help keep a home cool during summer heat. If your home is properly insulated, it can also help prevent ice dams due to the material’s conductivity. Metal also boasts a high level of fire resistance and provides additional safety for your family. Metal roofs also hold up very well against high winds, due to its construction and assembly, which uses larger pieces with great wind resistance.

Ranch style houses can require a lot of work, so you may have to be on the roof from time to time. Metal roofs are capable of supporting a person’s weight, but require some vigilance, according to Hanson Buildings. Ask your roofing contractor about the safest areas to tread upon.

Consider a metal roof for your ranch style home to give it a boost into modern times without sacrificing its traditional look and reap its many benefits.

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