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Rubber Roofing

May 31, 2023

Rubber Roofing

Philadelphia’s Best Flat Roofing Company.

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We specialize in rubber roofing replacement with the best flat roof warranties in the business.



Rubber roofing is the most common choice for flat roofs or roofs with a slight pitch and is seen often on Philadelphia row homes as well as porches and additions throughout the Tri-State!


Rubber roofs often need repairs because a leak in one area can be coming from another area. That’s why Global Home Improvement offers FREE RUBBER ROOF INSPECTIONS! It is recommended to have your rubber roof inspected before every winter after the first 5 years.

Maintenance Options Include:

  • Coating with a silver epoxy for added life and energy reflectance
  • Repairing build in gutter system
  • Replacing old flashings, vent pipes or skylight details
  • Adding another rubber roof layer

Replacement Options Include:

  • Replacing with a standing seam metal roof
  • Replacing with another rubber roof
  • Replacing with 20 year EPDM or TPO roof
  • Adding roof pavers to create an outdoor living space


All of these rubber roof and flat roof options come with expert installation from the rubber roofing experts at Global Home Improvement

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