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The Key Benefits of the ProVia Legacy Steel Entry Door

May 31, 2023

The Key Benefits of the ProVia Legacy Steel Entry Door

Your entry door is more than just a slab of metal, wood, or fiberglass. It’s a major source of home security and energy efficiency. It’s also the first thing guests walk through when visiting your home. So when you’re choosing a new entry door, the brand and material you use matters.

In this article, let’s talk about some of the things that make the ProVia Legacy steel door a great choice for your home.

The Benefits of ProVia’s Legacy Steel Door

Let’s start with home security. If you’re looking for the strongest, most durable entry door. ProVia’s 20-gauge steel Legacy door is perfect. The face of this door is one continuous piece of steel, maximizing durability. So it won’t crack or warp like other doors and it will take a lot more strength to break this door in.

Looking at energy efficiency, ProVia uses a computer-driven process to fill these doors with energy efficiency foam. Coupled with the door’s bottom composite endcaps and thermal barriers, this door will help to prevent heat from passing through and around the door, ultimately helping you to save a few bucks on heating and cooling costs.

Though you might not have as many customizable options, you’ll still get tons of color and wood texture choices. This means you get to make the door match the theme and color palette of your home. Steel doors also will typically cost less than fiberglass, so going with Legacy will help you save some money on that front too.

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