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These metal roofing features could add curb appeal to your home

May 31, 2023

These metal roofing features could add curb appeal to your home

Everyone wants to make their home more beautiful, but until recently homeowners didn’t look to metal roofing for that curb appeal boost. Metal roofing was relegated mostly to commercial properties at that time, and it took a while for homeowners to discover the benefits that residential metal roofing offered. Now, everything from historic homes to contemporary condos employ metal roofing, not only for its practical benefits – such as energy efficiency boosts and life spans decades longer than asphalt offers – but for its good looks, too.

Have your doubts about how metal roofing could elevate your domicile’s style and design? Consider these features that give it the leg up on a number of other materials.

Metal Roof NJ

has enough colors to choose from for your roof to satisfy any taste and any neighborhood. Whether you’re looking for a roof for your backwoods cabin or one for your raised ranch at the end of a suburban cul-de-sac, you’ll find a bright or subtle option to choose from. Is Pacific Blue too bright for your taste? Try the slightly more green and gray Deep Blue Sea. Or you may want to get stylish with the rich shade of Burgundy. There are even premium hues, such as Champagne or Antique Patina. It’s also worth keeping in mind that certain colors could earn you tax credits through Energy Star, so long as they reflect rather than absorb heat and improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Standing seam metal roofing is one of the more popular styles you’ll see, but one of the modern wonders of this roofing material is that metal doesn’t need to look like metal. Just check out the variety of shingles you have to choose from. Whether you go with stone-coated or Kynar-painted shingles, both offer the superior benefits of metal roofing with a unique look that blends with your home’s individual style.

Metal roofing can adapt to a number architectural features. It can make a great heat-reflecting option for sunrooms and enclosed porches, it can adapt to low-sloping roofs and it looks great over bay or bow windows. Home design website Houzz even covered a story in which a metal roof provided a canopy for a stylish Texas home, covering both indoor and outdoor portions of the house. But one of the finest features on offer may be porticos with metal roofing. These porches and entryways are stylish features for any home, and they look fantastic with the vibrant non-fading color of a metal rooftop.

Curved metal roofing
Part of what makes metal roofing dynamic is its versatility. Homeowners are always experimenting with new roofing styles, some of which are purely aesthetic, others which are practical choices, related to climate issues like snowfall. Curved metal roofing may be able to offer your home both advantages, so why not check out some inspiring examples at Houzz?

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