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3 things to consider before remodeling your bathroom

May 31, 2023

3 things to consider before remodeling your bathroom

Picture your dream bathroom for a moment. Did you imagine a room filled with multiple sinks, an oversized bathtub and a luxurious jacuzzi? If so, you’re probably not alone, but you may want to think twice before you make these dream features part of your bathroom remodeling plans. As enticing as these installations might seem, they might not be very advantageous for you and your family in the long run.

Here are three things you may want to consider while making plans to remodel your bathroom:

Family needs
Every family is different, so you should always consider which bathroom features will best suit your family needs before simply copying the design of a nice-looking bathroom that you found on the Internet. If you have young children, you may want to avoid installing a granite countertop in your bathroom, as granite can easily be stained by an accidental spill. A quartz countertop may be a better option – it has the same luxurious appearance of granite without the threat of being stained.

Resell value
Think carefully about whether or not you might sell your home in the future. If you decide that it’s a possibility, you should take time to research which bathroom features are popular and expected to remain desirable in the future. Currently, double sinks and walk-in showers are very popular, but you should still consider what works best for your family before jumping to make these stylish options permanent fixtures in your bathroom.

Finding a unique look
Once you have planned out the logistical details of a bathroom remodeling, you can start to think about the more exciting part – making your bathroom stand out. There are so many bathroom features that can be customized to give your space its own distinctive appearance. Customized flooring is becoming an increasingly popular feature, with many homeowners choosing innovative floor options like bamboo. You could also pick out interesting designs for smaller components, such as cabinet pulls and shower heads, that reflect your family’s unique character.

Whatever bathroom remodeling dreams you may have, it’s always useful to consult a knowledgeable expert who can guide your plans to develop a reasonable and affordable solution. Reach out to your local bathroom contractors today to help you shape your remodeling vision into a beautiful, sensible reality.

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