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Try these manufactured stone siding design tips

May 31, 2023

Try these manufactured stone siding design tips

Stone siding has history to speak for it. The majority of history’s most beautiful architectural triumphs were built from stone, not merely because it was one of the first resources available to mankind, but because of its surprising versatility. While today’s residential stone siding may not have the historical grandeur of castles and cathedrals, it shares many of the essential benefits: It looks gorgeous, is extremely durable and can be a cheap, affordable option if you opt for veneer stone.

Manufactured stone is an ideal siding material. Using advanced molding techniques and a hand-coloring process, these veneers are able to capture the quality and look of stone found in nature. Of course, there are numerous other benefits alongside this. Since manufactured stone from Global Home Improvement is made from lightweight aggregate materials, each individual rock is about one-fourth the weight of natural stone. This makes remodeling and design a breeze. Manufactured stone siding also offers superior performance, meeting each current industry standard for masonry veneer products, including corrosion, wind and fire resistance. Then, of course, there’s the fact that your manufactured stone veneer is constructed of a minimum 50 percent recycled content – making it a green and sustainable siding option.

Wondering how you might integrate stone siding into your home? The home design experts at Houzz put together a handy list of stone siding’s massive potential

for a variety of different architecture styles and design features.

Consider dimension
Interestingly, the height and width of each individual stone can have a huge impact on your home’s overall aesthetic. As Houzz pointed out, there’s no reason for stone to be thick and chunky when it’s manufactured. If you want massive rocks as part of your siding, that’s a good, classic look. But you can also have them cut thinner than brick!

Make it part of modern and contemporary architecture
When most people think of stone siding, it calls to mind churches, historic homes and other archaic buildings. However, there’s no reason that stone can’t blend in perfectly with modern and contemporary architecture. Since many of these homes are constructed with man-made materials, like steel or glass, manufactured stone can give a carefully groomed, but still rugged contrast.

Get colorful
It’s worth keeping in mind that you don’t need to keep your stone looking raw, gray and old-fashioned. Manufactured stone has the advantage of hand-colored style, which means you can request the look of rocks from different parts of the world, or just mix things up with your own brand of color blending.

Bring it inside
Stone siding generally refers to the exterior of a home, but there’s no reason that you can’t use a stone veneer inside as well. Whether you’re going for a cozy, cabin-like ambiance or the quirky look of a contemporary castle, manufactured stone can make an excellent interior wall option.

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