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Rotting Stucco Replacement

May 31, 2023

Why are James Hardie Fiber Cement Products the Best Replacement for Rotting Stucco?

A big bulk of projects we see include stucco homes that have water issues. More specifically, moisture gets trapped under the stucco and rots away at the structural components of the home, compromising the home’s integrity.

Stucco is designed for hot and dry climates, and since there’s much more moisture in the northeastern climate, it’s not uncommon for many of the stucco homes in this area to need replacement.

Let’s talk about why James Hardie Fiber Cement products are the ideal replacement for stucco homes.

Fiber Cement has More Resistance

Fiber cement is more resistant than stucco. For one, fiber cement won’t rot or crack and allows the siding to breathe, unlike stucco. Compared to other siding options like wood or vinyl, Hardie products are the most durable and can withstand weathering and impacts from debris without cracking. You also won’t see it expand, contract, warp, or swell when exposed to hot or cold weather or moisture.

Fiber Cement has Tons of Design Options

The great thing about Hardie products is the array of styles and options that are available. For example, if you’re set on having the stucco look, you can go with a stucco-looking HardiePanel. This way you get the look of natural stucco in 23 gorgeous finishes while keeping all of the benefits of fiber cement. This means you get your gorgeous stucco look and won’t have to worry about trapping moisture and rot damage.

There are tons of reasons to replace your stucco siding with fiber cement. For more information and a totally free estimate on Hardie siding, give us a call today.

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