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Why James Hardie siding is your best shore-side option

May 31, 2023

Why James Hardie siding is your best shore-side option

The past two years have brought some of the most intense storm weather the U.S. has ever seen, particularly along the East Coast. Between Oct. 22 and Nov. 5, 2012, Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc throughout the Northeast, creating waves outclassing previous records by 2011’s Hurricane Irene and bellowing winds exceeding 80 miles-per-hour, according to CBS News.

The devastation to life and property seen in the wake of Hurricane Sandy

is exactly the reason that homeowners turn to trusted companies like James Hardie siding to help secure their houses against Mother Nature’s worst. One of the most renowned siding companies in the U.S., James Hardie is trusted by builders, contractors and architects for its design and beloved by homeowners for its aesthetic quality. This siding has a well-earned reputation for superior performance in coastal conditions. If you’re looking for equal parts beauty and safety in your home, James Hardie is for you. Consider these reasons.

Forget wood or vinyl
Wood siding may have some classically good looks, but this material is also susceptible to a range of issues. Wood can swell, rot and warp, even when properly treated and maintained. This is all amplified by the moisture of coastal living. Plus, wood is combustible. Vinyl, on the other hand, won’t burn, but it can crack, melt and dent. While fairly durable, the plastic in vinyl siding can’t stand up to heavy elements, including hurricane winds.+

James Hardie siding on the other hand is composed of fiber cement, which can withstand the very worst nature has to throw at it. Better yet, James Hardie siding products are specially engineered to withstand the Northeast’s most intense weather, whether that’s ultraviolet levels, torrential rain, snow or hurricane winds.

Still gorgeous, year after year
You can have all those safety benefits with the addition of bright and beautiful colors, thanks to special color technology used with James Hardie siding. A factory-applied professional finish means that the color of your siding is baked into the fiber cement itself, so not only will the hue remain consistent throughout, it will stay bright over time.

The safety checklist
James Hardie siding isn’t just a product, it’s a process. You can improve your home’s safety rating by making sure you’re taking advantage of everything James Hardie has to offer, from weather barriers, moisture resistant cement boards, lap and vertical siding to the quality, colorful trim you desire.

An endless stream of benefits
Curious what else James Hardie has to offer? How about mold resistance features, dramatically improved non-combustibility ratings or a listing under the notoriously stringent Miami-Dade County Florida acceptance for use in high velocity hurricane Zones?

But the real benefit of James Hardie Siding is simply peace of mind. This isn’t just the great warranties homeowners get to ensure they can rebuild properly in the wake of natural disaster, but the knowledge that the next time a storm comes through, your home can stand strong against it.

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