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Everyone was very professional and they worked very hard. We are very pleased with Global Home Improvement’s work. Our new metal roof looks very nice. Couldn’t have asked for anything more!

P. S. of Harleysville, PA
Wednesday, December 14th

Paul, I want you and each of your amazing Global Community to know how much the work you all provided to me for my home means so much to me.  I believe it is so important that you know how much your hard work has changed my life!  I have waited thirty years to be able to afford to fix up my "forever home" and not be the ugly duckling on my street anymore.  You have changed my home and you have changed my life because of it!  I am beyond happy!  Our homes are an extension of ourselves and our hard work to achieve and being a single mom, this was out of my reach for so many years, until now and until ALL OF YOU at Global!!  You have made me so proud of my home!   From the start, when I first called, Rose was so kind, patient and helpful with all of my questions.  I was rather nervous to begin the process and she put me right at ease immediately!  She was great with my follow-up questions too!  She is a gem and the first representation of your company is everything  Rose set me up with Bill Coyle.   Bill Coyle was absolutely wonderful!  You should know that I met with many contractors to educate myself on this big decision, and Bill was the only one who truly took the time to listen to me and exactly what I wanted and what realistically I could afford.  He didn't badger me, or act condescending, or make me feel like I was foolish if I didn't choose your company (for example, one of the other salesmen suggested I continue to let my bushes grow over my garage window because it would be a nightmare to work with!!!  Honestly, that is a true story.  He was dead serious and he was history immediately!!)  Instead, you sent me Bill who spent three hours walking inside and outside of my house, measuring, giving me great tips of what would be best for me and my home.  And everything he said Global would do, you did!  Every single detail was perfect!  Bill is pure gold to me and I am grateful for his patience and honesty.  He made my Global decision easy!   He is a true gentleman!   Then, Elena helped me set up the Green Sky financing, and when the numbers were not accurate, she immediately, within minutes had Green Sky correct the numbers and present me with the right financing documents.  Very impressive!   Then, your absolutely incredible window installers, Arnold, Paul and Andrew, spent four days at my house replacing 14 windows and my front doors.  My windows were old metal casement horrid things, and your guys worked so hard and did such an amazing job replacing each one.  My front door was equally awful.  Nothing in my 80 year old house is plumb, so they were definitely challenged.  I loved watching how amazing they worked in unison.  They are truly artisans and so talented.  They were so nice and professional!  And, they cleaned up beautifully at the end of each day!  My house looks absolutely amazing!  A total transformation!   Then, the siding team arrived, Igor, Roman and Darek (hope I got the names right).  They removed and replaced all of the siding in two days, including the replacement of some damaged wood!  Same thing, I so enjoyed watching them work.  They actually cut some of the pieces while up on ladders, and they were so accurate, it was amazing!  Again, truly artisans and so talented!  They were so nice and professional.  And, they cleaned up beautifully at the end of each day! The transformation is amazing!   Shane, arrived with the siding team and he was wonderful.  He made sure the guys had what they needed and even made a trip to Home Depot to pick up the wood needed to make the repairs, so no time was lost on the project.  He was there when the materials arrived and checking everything.  He gave me his phone number so I could call with any issues.  There were none!  He was wonderful today, when he came back to do the walk-through with me and picked up the rest of the materials.  He even helped me install my new number sign on my house because I was afraid to ruin my new siding and then he hefted a giant old window from my garage (which had been in my garage for 30 years) into the dumpster!  These things may seem small, but they are extremely significant to me, as it is always the little details that people take the time to give, that make all the difference in this world!  Shane was really patient with all my questions and was truly wonderful to work with!   On Saturday, the gutter team arrived.  They came and went so fast, I didn't catch their names.  I'm so sorry about that.  I really like to acknowledge people by name.  Again, they were amazing and if you can call gutters beautiful, mine are so clean and shiny!  I could not believe how fast they worked and so professional!  And, they cleaned up beautifully before they left!  Amazing!   Then there was wonderful Buffy, who was so nice to me with all of my calls on the status of things and she always got back to me immediately with answers and information.  She even confirmed with the township that my dumpster did not need a permit and when things would be happening.  I was most appreciative of her kindness and patience!   I know there are others who helped me and I apologize if I have left them out of this email or not detailed them specifically, but please know it is not intentional and I am grateful for their help!  I would ask that you please share my sentiments with all of my wonderful window/door guys, siding guys and gutter guys!  It is important for them to know how grateful I am too!  I told them in person, but you can never hear that enough!   I know this email is longer than reading Moby Dick, but I want you to know how appreciative I am of everything you have created with this company and the amazing people you have surrounded yourself with.  I never take for granted when people help me and I never forget to thank people who have made an impact in my life in a positive way!  It is important for you and everyone in your company to know they are appreciated!   Thank you for the incredible work on my house!  You all made me cry Happy Tears of Joy!!   All my best, Patti Bitzberger

Patricia B. of Media, PA
Friday, October 21st

There were multiple areas - product, craftsmanship and customer service. The final product is very satisfactory from the look, quality and the work completed. We were also very happy with the communication at each step of the process from initial sales presentation with Mike and Paul to the follow up from Vitaly and especially Dawn, who kept us in the loop at all times. We felt like we received personal attention to our project throughout the entire timeline to after completion.

Matt and Kathleen of Paoli, PA
Wednesday, December 14th

The craftsmanship of the metal crew was exceptional. Love my new metal roof! Also the tearoff crew did a good job removing my old roof and replacing plywood underlayment.

John B. of Media, PA
Wednesday, December 14th

As my neighbors talk to me about the work done on my house, I would definitely recommend Global Home Improvements. Living in a development, all my neighbors will be looking for similar things since our homes were all built in the same year.

Frances and Michael of Valley Forge, PA
Wednesday, December 14th

Everyone involved with my project was very professional. They worked as if they were working on their own home.

Brian and Jennifer of Broomall, PA
Wednesday, December 14th

I was very impressed with how meticulous and cleanly they were on the job site.

Jack and Carol of Glenside, PA
Wednesday, December 14th

As always, a quality job. I'm always impressed with the level of detail shown by the person doing the final inspection for each of the jobs we've had done.

Larry and Charmaine of New Hope, PA
Wednesday, December 14th

Quality job from start to finish. Would highly recommend. They helped update my home with a beautiful standing seam red roof. Couldn’t be happier!

D. W. of Jamison, PA
Wednesday, December 14th

I was pleased with the workmanship from the office, to everyone coming out. They were professional and nice. It turned out awesome.

Edward of Doylestown, PA
Wednesday, December 14th
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