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The difference between Infinity and Integrity Window by Marvin

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017 by Adam Parnes

At Global Home Improvement we offer all three lines of Marvin Windows inclduing; Infinity, Integirty and MTO. We get questions all the time about the difference between the Infinity Window and the Integrity Window, so hopefully this article can help clarify. Before we begin, I just wanted to point out that these windows are very similar, as you can tell by the names, so it can be a little confusing. Our recommendation is to call Global and get a free window estimate if you would like even more information...Let's begin. 


In this article we will be talking about the Integrity Wood-Ultrex versus the Infinity All Fiberglass Window. The Integrity window comes in ALL Ultrex (Fiberglass) but comes in so few sizes and options as compared to the Infinity All Fiberglass Window that we will not discuss it here today. The Integrity and Infinty Windows have one main thing in common and that is the 100% Fiberglass Exterior made of Marvin's patented ULTREX fiberglass. The main difference is that the Integrity Window comes with a wood interior verus the Infinity that comes in an all fiberglass exterior. Simple enough right? What gets a little more confusing is the fact that the Integrity wood window can come in unfinshed pine or pre-painted white pine wheras the Infinity window can come in EVERWOOD or prefinsihed white fiberglass. The Everwood product by Infinity is not actually is a fiberglass vaneer made to look like wood and is actually paintable and stainable. Once again, if there is any confusion, don't hestiate to call or email [email protected]


This is one of the biggest misconceptions about the two window lines. Most people think that Integity can only be ordered in New Construction style install and Infinity as a replacement style install. This is FALSE. Both windows can be ordered and installed as either new construction or replacement. The misconceotion comes from the fact that Integrity was introduced to the market as a builder's grade window with stock size options while Infinty was first introduced as a window for the replacement market. However, both lines have since expanded with options for both installation meathods. 


Other than the wood interior verus the fiberglass interior, the main difference will be the design and the hardware. Both windows look almost identical from the exterior but the interior on the double hung window is much different. For one, the Infinity Window comes with a one piece center hardware that can both lock and operate (unlatch so you can tilt the window for cleaning) the double hung window. The Integrity Double Hung Window however has a 3 piece hardware with a center locking hardware and two side latches used to tilt the window in. Without fear of stating the obvious, the Infinty window hardware is much superior in both design and function. It gives the window a more historic, colonial appearance wheras the Integrity hardware is similar to that of a high end vinyl window.  


Although Integrity Windows come in stock sizes, they can also be made to any size (measured down to the 1/8 inch) the same as the Infinity Window. However, when it comes to sizing the Infinty Window line offers larger sized windows as well as a wide array of polygon and arched picture windows. Once again, this is something your sales consultant can help guide you in. So far, we have favored the Infinity window in this review however the Integrity Window does offer additional colors not available in Infinity. Most importantly, the Integrity Window offers the exterior color Ebony which is great for contemporary homes or homes looking for a dramatic exterior. 


Both the Infinity and Integrity offer sliding patio doors but only the Integrity offers an outswing or inswing French door. However, since the exteriors are virutally identical and the interiors can be very similar, many homeowners have installed Infinity Windows with Integrity or MTO French Doors if that is what the project reuqires. 


The final difference between the two window lines is the warranty. And what is improtant to note is the fact that MARVIN is one of the rare companies (unlike vinyl manufacturers) that actually stands behind their warranties. With that said, the Infinity Window offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the Window Frame as well as any operating parts such as cranks, or lift mechanisms. The Integrity Window only offers a 10 year warranty on frame and moving parts. However, both offer a 20 year glass warranty. The reason for the warranty difference is the Fiberglass Interior. Fiberglass will never rot, warp and saturate with water like real wood. That is why they call it the INFINITY WINDOW becuase it is made to last forever!

I hope this article helped clarify some things. If you have any more questions, please call Global Home Improvement at 888-234-2929 to speak to one of our Marvin Window Install Experts. 




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