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Window Replacement On Stucco And Stone Construction: Don’t Hire a Window Company Before Reading This

The Philadelphia Metro Area including South, NJ and Wilmington, DE has thousands of homes built in the last 15 years that have failing stucco and/or stone siding. The reason being; many new home builders didn’t bother to install these products the right way (especially in areas around the windows). Stucco siding and stone siding needs proper drainage so that water doesn’t get trapped which can cause serious damage to plywood and wood framing in addition to dangerous mold.

New Construction Window Install on Stucco Home in Doylestown PAYou may be asking yourself, how does this relate to replacing windows in my home? And the answer is simple; if your old windows were NOT flashed properly or insulated properly then installing REPLACEMENT WINDOWS will NOT fix the problem at hand. That main issue customers are seeing is air and water infiltration in and around the window frame which can cause serious damage to the home’s structure. 

To remedy this situation, Global Home Improvement recommends a FULL FRAME aka NEW CONSTRUCTION WINDOW installation with a nailing flange as well as proper flashing tape and insulation. To do so, we also recommend REMOVAL AND REMEDIATION of the entire wall where the new windows are being installed. This may seem like a lot of additional work but it is better to do the window installation and stucco/stone remediation at the same time. The biggest mistake homeowners make is installing replacement windows first and then deciding in a year or two to address the exterior.

Unlike other big name window companies (i.e competitors), Global Home Improvement can install ALL of our Marvin Windows as either replacement style windows or new construction windows. Furthermore, we are an Elite Preferred James Hardie Siding remodeler so you know that you are getting a premier siding installation to go along with a spectacular window installation.

For more information on the proper steps to take when considering stucco remediation and new window replacement, call the experts at Global Home Improvement at 1-215-953-5151

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