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Replacement Doors Case Studies: Why a Wood Doors Entry Might Not be Right for Your Home

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018 by Michael Gabrian


Your entry door is more than just a door. It’s the face of your home. You walk through it every day and it’s the first thing people see when entering your home.

It’s important to keep it’s relevance and importance in mind when shopping for a new entry door. You might want something that’s beautiful and extravagant, you might also want something energy efficient, very durable and secure, or you could have a preference for low maintenance and cost.

I want to talk a bit about why wood doors might not be the best option for you and what a great alternative could be.

They require a lot of maintenance

One of the big drawbacks to wood entry doors is once exposed to the elements, there will be maintenance needed down the line.

Naturally, the sun can cause the wood to fade, which will require you to restain it, changes in the temperature can cause the door to expand and contract, and moisture can cause wood to swell. This means recoating your door with moisture resistant finished, restaining, etc.

They can expand and contract

Wood tends to expand and contract when exposed to hot and cold weather and moisture. This is why it’s crucial to put on a water-resistant finish, however, they can still absorb moisture leading to peeling and bubbling.

This leads to the need to add further protection, like stronger coatings or storm doors. For a lot of people, this amount of effort to reduce and prevent wood entry door swelling might be worth it for the authenticity of having a real wooden door. But you would have to combat moisture and the weather’s effect on your entry door.

They are susceptible to rot

With that expansion and contraction, we talked about earlier comes warping and accessibility for air and moisture to slip in the cracks. This can lead to drafts and potentially rot. If water has the ability to slip under and around your door, rot can form and spread pretty quickly, this can be a big, costly problem for wood doors and frames.


The best alternative to a wood entry door?

When it comes to an alternative for wood entry doors, I think ProVia’s Embarq or Signet entry doors are both great options. Both utilize nickel vapor deposition for an incredibly realistic-looking wood finish to the fiberglass door.

One key strength I see is the authenticity in its design. ProVia’s fiberglass doors mimic wood stains very well, without a lot of those weaknesses. For example, fiberglass doesn’t expand, contract, warp, or rot like wood. Which means you can spend a lot less time worrying about your door developing drafts or letting moisture in when the season changes.

The Embarq, specifically, is one of the most energy efficient doors available. Each piece of this door works in harmony with the others to offer incredible durability and insulation. This means you can rest assured that your home is one step closer to optimal efficiency.

Interesting in a free estimate of a ProVia fiberglass entry door installation? Give us a call today.

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