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Replacement Windows Case Studies: Choosing the Most Secure Windows for Your Home

Monday, March 5th, 2018 by Michael Gabrian


When buying new windows, it’s totally rational to have security high on your must-have checklist. So where exactly do we start? Should our focus be on the frame of the window, the style, or the glass?

So what exactly should you look for in a secure window?


When looking at the security factors provided by a window’s frame, we have to look at it’s durability and strength. Marvin’s fiberglass frames are actually 8x stronger than vinyl frames. With that in mind, it’s much more resistant to damage caused by weather, bugs, moisture, etc. So the frame can’t be compromised like vinyl or wood.

Regarding general window style, it’s believed that casement windows are the most secure because you can only open them using a hand crank on the interior. It’s also said that they were designed to eliminate the need for window locks. So opting for a casement window might be your best choice in terms of security. Unfortunately, though, casement windows aren’t fit for every situation and placement. You could also consider awning or horizontally sliding windows.

Specialty glass

Another way to really boost the security of your window is to consider tempered or laminated glass.

Tempered glass is simply reinforced, making it more durable and much more difficult to break than regular glass. It’s a great option because it’s one of the cheaper security options. The only problem is that it can still shatter if a strong enough impact hits it.

The next level would be checking out laminated window panes. This is a much stronger option that can’t actually be cut from the outside. So glass cutters would be virtually useless. They also won’t shatter. Marvin windows use a vinyl layer to keep cracked glass in place when impacted.

The difference between tempered and laminated glass is that when tempered glass is broken, it will shatter into smaller blocks. This actually helps to prevent injury. So they are great if your concern is reducing physical harm of any potential impacts. Laminated glass stays intact when shattered, making it a great option for preventing break-ins.


So what are the best ways to ensure the most secure windows for your home? I would consider purchasing Marvin Infinity Windows. Specifically, because they feature fiberglass frames for increased durability and strength. You can also reinforce your glass with tempered or laminated options. This will ensure your windows are incredibly difficult to break and shatter.

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