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Replacement Windows Case Studies: Choosing Windows for Your Jersey Shore Home

Tuesday, March 13th, 2018 by Michael Gabrian


Windows today have several really important jobs, especially for Jersey Shore homes. For one, they keep the hot air out and cold air in in the summer, and cold air out and hot air in in the winter. But aesthetically, they let tons of natural light in, open up your living space and give you access to the beauty outside.

There is such a diverse array of homes and styles at the Jersey Shore, so when it comes to choosing styles and options, you really can go in any direction.

The first step would be to think of your end goal for the windows. Are you looking for energy efficiency, larger glass panes, decorative glass styles?

Choosing the Best Window Styles for Your Jersey Shore Home

It’s not uncommon to see a lot of window space with Jersey Shore home. Naturally, you want a lot of light to come in and to see an amazing view of the beach. At the same time, a lot of homes don’t adhere to just a bunch of bay, bow, and casement windows; there’s could be a mix of window sized throughout the house.

So when installing windows in your beach home, go from room to room and assess the needs of each room. Some rooms you might want more ventilation which I’d suggest the Marvin Infinity casement window because it opens the furthest. If you want to open up and lighten your family room, a bay or bow window are both great options for doing so. Plus they’ll give you an amazing view.

Marvin windows use fiberglass frames as well, which is ideal for a Jersey Shore home. The summers and winters, your home is going to face a wide degree of temperature fluctuation, so you need a window that won’t expand and contract with the season. Wood and vinyl will lose their ability to insulate the home over time after just a few seasons. Plus, since fiberglass frames are stronger than wood and vinyl, the window profile is a lot thinner so you'll have much more glass space, allowing even more light in.

Choosing the most Energy Efficient Window

Your window choice can provide an excellent opportunity to save on your energy bills. Marvin Infinity Windows offers 3 levels of performance glass; Low E2, Low E3, and Low E3/ERS.

Low E2 will block up to 84% of UV rays and reflect heat back to it’s source. So you won’t see as much fading and damage to your carpets, curtains, and upholstery. Low E3 will block up to 95% of the sun’s damaging UV rays, while maximized light and visibility. While Low E3/ERS boosts the ability to reflect heat back into the room.

There's not really anything wrong with any of these options, Low E2 is pretty standard and you’ll still see improvements to your energy efficiency.

A Material that can Withstand the Salty Environment

When it comes to beach homes, the materials that you use on your home has to be able to withstand a lot; powerful winds, weather fluctuations, but also the salt in the air. The salt is excessively tough on wood, vinyl, and aluminum in particular. This will significantly drop the lifespan of your window.

Fiberglass frames are really the most practical choice. They’re the best option for withstanding any extra wear and tear. Think of it like this; boats and high-end yachts are made of fiberglass. It’s because fiberglass is the ideal material for this type of environment.


When choosing windows for your Jersey Shore home, you have a lot of options and aspects to consider. When looking at each particular room’s needs, which window type could benefit it more? Are you aiming for better ventilation, security, more light and space, a nicer view?

Marvin Windows offer a massive variety of styles and options that will match the needs of your home as well as match and improve the style of your home.

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