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Roof Replacement – Battling Low Slope Roofs with Mechanically Seamed Metal Roofing

Tuesday, December 27th, 2016 by Adam Parnes

For many homeowners with front porches, sun rooms and contemporary homes, you know that low-slope roofing creates challenges for almost any roofing material because moisture in any form doesn’t leave the roof as fast as it does on steep slopes. The longer it stays on the roof, the better chance water has to get where you don’t want it.

At Global Home Improvement we offer mechanically seamed standing seam panels as a best possible low-slope roofing solution.

For thos particular project, we custom manufactured the metal roof panels onsite — some as long as 45 feet — with our Englert Metal Man machine.


Low Sloping Metal Roof Annandale NJ 

The A1300 mechanically seamed standing seam profile was chosen because it can be installed on a slope as low as a 1/2-inch over 12 inches. The A1300 panel is double locking with a 180 degree seam making it virtually impossible to leak.

At the onset of the project the rubber roofing was removed, leaving 2 inches of existing ISO on top of a tongue-and-groove redwood deck — which serves as the cathedral ceiling. A peel-and-stick underlayment was installed over the insulation before the roofing was installed.

We promised the home-owner a watertight system so we employed the use of stainless steel in the valleys and in the crickets on two large chimneys so the material could be soldered. Soldering helps ensure no leaks on a low-slope roof.

The job was completed several months ago, but the homeowner is still a big fan of Global Home Improvement. “I talked to him a couple a weeks ago and he’s still happy,” Paul Kazlov says. “Metal is the best solution for low-slope roofing. We also do a lot of porch enclosures that were formerly rubber, and when we explain what we can do with metal, people jump in the air and clap their hands.”

When compared to rubber, metal is a no brainier because of the 50 year life expectancy compared to the 10 year expectancy of rubber. That is 5 rubber roofs with 5 x the labor as 1 metal roof

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