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Siding Case Studies: Henry Blueskin Underlayment: The Ideal Weather Barrier for Your Home

Monday, March 12th, 2018 by Michael Gabrian


Water resistant barriers are the most important and most overlooked layer of defense under your home’s siding. The ideal protection against moisture and air leakage would be to create an airtight, yet breathable seal to protect the structural integrity of your building or home. So naturally, you’d want to choose the best one. Unfortunately, big brands like Tyvec underlayment and tar paper require you to nail thousands of holes into the barrier, ultimately defeating the purpose of airtight. That’s why Global Home Improvement strongly recommends the use of Henry Blueskin Underlayment.

Blueskin Weather Barrier actually makes the smarter choices in several places on your home; It’s great for siding and it’s also an effective window flashing material. It actually started as an option for commercial buildings but has been adopted by homeowners for it’s efficiency and versatility.

The problem with other Water resistant barriers

The goal of a water-resistant barrier is to protect your home structural components from water. We know that moisture can find its way anywhere and everywhere if you don’t take preventative measures, and not only will it lead to mold growth and health risks, but it can also compromise the integrity of your home. So you add a water-resistant barrier to your home under the siding for extra protection, but they're a pretty big flaw in a lot of products.

A lot of water-resistant barriers like Tyvec Underlayment and tar paper require you to nail and staple the pieces on. This means that you’re virtually putting hundreds, even thousands of holes into your barrier. This gives moisture a much better chance of finding its way inside.

A Truly Energy Efficient Underlayment

Blueskin Weather Barrier provides a couple key advantages to other alternatives, the most important being that it’s self-adhesive. Since you don’t need to nail or staple it, you’re not creating extra holes for air and moisture to pass through. However, the interesting thing is that if nails or staples do pass through, Blueskin self-seals around it, making an airtight, yet breathable building envelope. This virtually eliminates potential moisture problems. This also aids in your home’s energy efficiency. Since you’re not allowing as much air to pass through, you can maintain indoor temperatures 23 to 50% better. What this means for homeowners is that you’ll save on your energy bills, put less strain on your HVAC system, and your home will operate more efficiently.


It’s a common issue with a lot of siding options for air and moisture to sneak through the cracks. This is why we install our second layer of protection, water resistant barriers. Now, it’s crucial that this layer repels moisture and allows breathability. This is why we recommend Blueskin. You get a durable, versatile layer of protection that also will tremendously boost your home’s efficiency. Don’t settle for less when your home really does deserve the best.

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