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Stone siding

Stone siding is built to look great on any home and last.

Choosing the right exterior siding to protect and beautify your home is a big decision for every homemaker. Not only are homeowners looking for siding that is durable and affordable, they also want siding that can accent the home’s features and improve its aesthetic appeal. If you desire siding that has longevity, durability, and beauty all packaged together, stone siding is your best option.

Global Home Improvement is your local expert in stone siding. Armed with products from the industry's best stone siding manufacturers, we can help you find a style that suits your home perfectly. Our experienced siding installers are more than capable of perfecting your stone siding needs.

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Before and After
  • Cobble Stone Hardie Plank and ProVia Ledgestone Siding Installation in Lincoln University, PA
    Cobble Stone Hardie Plank and ProVia Ledgestone Siding Installation in Lincoln University, PA

    For this siding project in Lincoln University, PA, we replaced the home's existing stucco siding. The primary concern was the rising issues of water damage from moisture trapped under the stucco. You can see this in the form of stucco tears around the windows. We installed the ultra-durable Hardie Planks and ProVia Ledgestone to really transform the home with a beautiful, durable new look. Fiber cement naturally resists warping, cracking, and rotting, making it much more reliable than wood or vinyl.


  • James Hardie Fiber Cement, Stucco, and ProVia Stone Install in Wilmington, DE
    James Hardie Fiber Cement, Stucco, and ProVia Stone Install in Wilmington, DE

    For this larger siding project in Wilmington, DE, we replaced the existing stucco with ProVia stone, James Hardie fiber cement planks, and new stucco remediation to compliment the new style. You can see tears around the windows of the stucco which not only drops your curb appeal, but could indicate possible moisture damage. With the new, designer siding, we've implemented the best practices for proper water management, making this home efficient and beautiful.

  • Metal Roof, Hardie Planks, and Granite Stone Installed and Stucco Replaced in Wilmington, DE
    Metal Roof, Hardie Planks, and Granite Stone Installed and Stucco Replaced in Wilmington, DE

    For this home renovation project in Wilmington, DE we replaced the existing stucco siding with fiber cement, stucco, and stone, installed a metal roof over the entryway, and replaced the home's windows. The older stucco was trapping moisture and rotting away the wood underneath. We combatted this by applying the Hardie Wrap underlayment. This home now has ultra-durable, high-performance siding with a beautiful, modern color scheme. We complemented this color scheme with a black standing seam metal roof over the entryway to work with the darker, cool colors. 


  • Replacing Rotting Stucco in Wilmington, DE
    Replacing Rotting Stucco in Wilmington, DE
    For this siding replacement in Wilmington, DE, we installed gorgeous new stucco, Hardie planks, and stone. To keep a similar color palette, we started with an Autumn Tan finish for the Hardie Planks and stucco and chose a stone that would pull color from them. The finished product is gorgeous, rot-resistant, and guaranteed to last for decades. 
  • Hardie Plank and ProVia Stone Custom Installation in Malvern, PA
    Hardie Plank and ProVia Stone Custom Installation in Malvern, PA

    This siding project in Malvern, PA featured James Hardie fiber cement planks and ProVia stone.The existing stucco siding suffered from damage caused by built up moisture trapped under the stucco. This isn't uncommon fro stucco homes in the PA and NJ area. The Hardie Planks and ProVia stone help to create a designer exterior that's incredibly durable, and coupled with the Hardie wrap under the siding, this home is protected from any possible moisture damage. 

What is stone siding?

Stone siding can be made of various materials. Some can come from a harvest of real stones (quartzite, sandstone, marble, and etc.) that are collected and processed from quarries. Others are made of lightweight faux-stone siding products that emulate the surface and texture of real stone. At Global Home Improvement, we offer manufactured heritage stones that are handcrafted and carefully molded to produce unmatched natural effects. Our manufactured stone veneer, on the other hand, is also highly coveted for delivering authentic stone-like effect at a competitive rate.

Why choose Global Home Improvement's stone siding?

As a recognized remodeler in home renovation, Global Home Improvement specializes in offering lasting and high quality products that excel in performance, durability, and beauty. We provide timeless, reliable, and gorgeous stone siding materials that are designed to turn your home improvement project into a home transformation venture!

Our manufactured heritage stone by ProVia and inspirational Versetta Stone® panelized stone siding are the best in the market. With endless customization and the many benefits of stone siding, it is no surprise to see our clients fall in love with their stone siding for its durability, longevity, and architectural styling.

Benefits of stone siding

  • Durable. Considered as the most durable siding choice for homeowners, stone siding is a strong fortress that can effectively defend your home against windblown debris as well as other unfavorable natural phenomena like hailstorms, thunderstorms, and blizzards. When installed properly, stone siding is said to have the potential to last for centuries!
  • Outstanding longevity. Besides being made of durable stone materials that are nearly impervious to extreme weather conditions, stone siding is also resilient to rot, insects and fire – unlike wood siding that will start to rot when more than 20% of moisture has been collected. Stone siding also requires very minimal maintenance and helps homeowners to save significantly in siding repair and replacement.
  • Architectural styling. Just because stone siding is durable and has no need for painting or staining does not make it an unattractive addition to the exterior of your home. On the contrary, stone siding comes in many decorative styles, colors, and customization options. Beautiful and magnificent in appearance, customers who choose Global Home Improvement for their stone siding solution will find a variety of manufactured stone collections and combinations that will aesthetically complement and highlight the unique architectural styling of their home.

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