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Adam Parnes

VP of Marketing

Global Home Improvement

[email protected]

Marvin Window Mobile Trailer and Showroom Coming Soon

Coming this summer of 2018 will be our brand new Marvin Window mobile trailer and showroom.

We at Global Home Improvement are incredibly excited to announce the progress made with our mobile showroom and are looking forward to the opportunity to begin showcasing it this summer.

Global Home Improvement's Mobile Showroom

Beginning this summer, we’ll be able to bring our Marvin Window trailer to tons of different events to showcase even more Marvin products; including Marvin windows, patio doors, and more!

“This mobile showroom is really a game changer for our company and homeowners looking to navigate the complicated world of replacement windows.” Said Adam Parnes, VP of Marketing. “Once again, we are dedicated to providing customers the absolute best user experience before, during, and after the installation of your new Marvin Windows.”

Our mobile showroom is coming just in time for those summer projects as well. It’s a great time to be looking into new home improvements and Global Home Improvement can now literally bring the showroom to you.

If you’re a customer considering replacing your patio door with a new Marvin door and you want to see samples, we will now have a means to bring them to you. For those larger, custom projects, We can finally bring our showroom to you.

Our new mobile trailer will change so many aspects of the way we do business and we can’t wait for the chance to showcase even more of our products for you.

In the meantime, please feel free to come visit our showroom in Springfield, NJ.

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