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Adam Parnes

VP Marketing

Global Home Improvement

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Metal Roofing Popularity nearly Doubles over the Past 3 Years!

Metal Roofing on residential homes is becoming more and more popular and the numbers are there to prove it.

Metal Roofing grows in popularity in NJ , PA and rest of USEvery year at Global our Metal Roofing Sales increase and it seems that we are not alone in this trend. According to a study performed by Dodge Date and Analytics for the Metal Roofing Alliance, Metal Roofing is up to 14% of the residential re-roofing market. That means that nearly 1.5 out of every 10 roofs is being done in Metal! The reason for this trend is pretty clear…Metal Roofing outperforms shingle roofing in almost every category including:

  • Longevity – Metal Roofing Lasts 3-4X as long as an asphalt roof
  • Durability – Metal Roofing resists the elements better including wind, water, and hail. 
  • Curb Appeal – Asphalt Roofs stain and discolor whereas Metal Roofing adds beauty and character to any home
  • Energy Savings – Cool Coated Metal Roofing is Energy Star Rated
  • Less Cost Over Time – Beleive it or not, a metal roof will actually cost you less money than an asphalt roof over its entire lifespan!

As we see more and more extreme weather conditions, Metal will continue to be the choice for smart, educated homeowners that want investment grade roofing. This article may be the first time considering a metal roof but know that Metal Roofing has been around for centuries with some Zinc roofs in Europe lasting over 400 years! 

For more information on Metal Roofing contact Global Home Improvement, the area’s leading Metal Roofing Installer at 1-215-953-5151 for your free in-home consultation. 

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