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Everyone was very professional. They communicated with me almost daily with schedules, progress, and issues. The quality and extra effort was surprising for the same price as a cheap competitor that did not offer the extras that Home Improvement automatically included in their price. The metal roof portion of our install turned out beautifully. The waterproofing efforts blew me away, every seam was caulked, every junction was well flashed, I was impressed. Strangers have stopped and complemented our new roof. I have already given out their contact information to neighbors.

Keith and Brad of Plainfield, NJ
Wednesday, December 14th

The work quality was very high. The installers did an awesome job, Daniel especially. They worked well together.

John R. of Plainfield, NJ
Wednesday, December 14th

I would like to recognize Daniel for his exceptional service. His work quality was excellent. Vincent was a very good salesperson, too. There were no hidden costs or anything. The overall experience was very good. Some other companies came across too strong. Vincent was not trying to make the sale too hard, which is part of why we chose Global Home Improvement.

David O. of Plainfield, NJ
Wednesday, December 14th

The installers were very hard working. They completed the work like a well oiled machine. They were fast, pleasant and extremely neat. Cleaned up their work area, swept the yard area to pick up any materials left on site. they are a great installation crew.

Tisha and Mark of New Providence, NJ
Wednesday, December 14th

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!   I just wanted to take this time to THANK YOU AND GLOBAL FOR A JOB  WELL DONE!!!! The windows and siding came out phenomenal!!!!!   I SUBMITTED MY SURVEY< PLEASE READ IT AT YOUR CONVENIENCE> MARK< SERGEI< VLAD and the rest of the team were FANTASTIC!!!!! I AM VERY GLAD THAT I MET THESE BUNCH OF GUYS.  THEY WERE VERY PROFESSIONAL AND GREAT!!!!! AT WHAT THEY DO......SERGEI IS EXTREMELY TALENTED AND VERY PROFESSIONAL AND CARES ABOUT HIS WORK...... THERE ARE NO WORDS EXPRESSING HOW MUCH I LOVED THE WORK THEY DID.....ONLY WORDS THAT I HAVE FOR THEM IS " BOLSHOE SPASIBO"  THANK YOU  For Christmas I gave the GUYS CHRISTMAS COOKIES and GREY GOOSE VODKA for each member as a token of my thank you....I feel I made friends this week....they were so great!!!!! Thanks again Dawn  Please feel free to use me as a reference and please take as many pictures as you need for advertising.....I also spoke to Mark and asked that we put a Global sign on my lawn for a year as advertising for you.....that is how much I loved the outcome of the reno.

Peter and Victoria, G of Bloomingdale, NJ
Tuesday, December 27th

"Atta boys" to all the Global Team! I did not do any comparison shopping for the job but felt I paid a premium price for the windows however the work was well done.

Warren and Shirley of Florham Park, NJ
Wednesday, December 14th

Gene and his crew went above and beyond!

J. J. of Park Ridge, NJ
Wednesday, December 14th

Attention to detail, cleanup and quality of workmanship was excellent. It was a pleasure working with them.

E. M. of Park Ridge, NJ
Wednesday, December 14th

Mike Houska is a very nice and courteous guy and he kept our appointment on time and explained everything in detail and he knows his job well and we trusted in this installation. We are happy with them.

Alfred and Veronica of Little Ferry, NJ
Wednesday, December 14th

We felt that your team was very responsive, delivered as promised and followed through on all issues. Very happy with our experience.

Harriett and Jacob of Tenafly, NJ
Wednesday, December 14th
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