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2 Big Reasons Standing Seam Metal Roofs are Perfect for the Winter

May 31, 2023

2 Big Reasons Standing Seam Metal Roofs are Perfect for the Winter

When it comes to the best roof material for the winter or in a cold climate, the answer is clear; it’s metal. Metal roofs bring tons of benefits from energy efficiency, to increased durability, to a lifespan of up to and well over 75 years.

Here are a couple of reasons a metal roof might be perfect for your home this winter.

Snow and Ice Management Through Snow Guards

Snow can easily slide right off of a metal roof, which means there’s much less risk for damage from the weight of the snow coming down on your home and much less risk for that snow to melt into water and find ways into your home.

At the same time, for safety purposes, you get to add and customize snow guards to prevent larger piles of snow from falling off the roof. These are an option to prevent large amounts of snow from falling at once, causing any property damage or landing on someone. Metal roofs give more options for snow management.

Metal Roof Means a Warmer Home

Studies show that the airspace under a metal roof in the winter can be up to 20 degrees warmer than the airspace under asphalt shingles. What this means for you, is it will cost less to warm your home and keep it warm.

Metal roofs reflect heat back to the source, so while it reflects the heat of the sun in the summer, keeping your home cooler, it will reflect the heat of your heating units to send it back to your home.

With winter right around the corner, call us today for a free estimate on your home’s new metal roof and start saving today.


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