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Two Key Benefits You’ll See with Rubber Roofing

May 31, 2023

Two Key Benefits You’ll See with Rubber Roofing

Rubber roofs are a durable, water-resistant roofing option that holds up strong competition against asphalt shingles. Though they might not be the most sought after roofing option, I want to go over a couple reasons why they’re worth considering.

Rubber Roofs are Resistant to the Elements

One key strength rubber has over asphalt is it’s resistance to leaks, fire, sun damage, and stormy weather. Since rubber is typically laid down as one piece, there are virtually no seams for water to slip under and cause leaks. They don’t take damage from the sun’s UV rays and won’t take damage during storms. Typically in stormy weather, you might see shingles blow away or get damaged by debris. If somehow debris was to damage the rubber, they require very little work to repair and require virtually no maintenance down the line.

Rubber Roofs are Cost-Effective

When shopping for roofs, cost will always be a heavy factor in your decision. We need to think about the upfront cost for installation and how long the average roof will last. Rubber costs a bit more than asphalt but much less than slate or metal. The installation is easy and there isn’t much maintenance. The lifespan can hit about 50 years and go longer, while asphalt you might hit 20 years and need a replacement. The value is there in the lifespan.

If you’re not sure what roofing material would be best for your home, whether rubber, asphalt, or metal, give our experts a call today for some tips and a free estimate.

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